'Evil': man slammed for failing to tell wife he had a vasectomy

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A man who failed to tell his wife that he had a vasectomy, has been labelled "evil." and  a "sociopath". But while he acknowledges that it's a "little dishonest", the "awful man", told Reddit it would break his wife's heart to know the truth.

"I've been married to my wife for two years now and she's always wanted to have a child with me," he writes on the forum. "She mentions it often. I've even been "trying" to have one with her. The problem is that I've had a vasectomy and she doesn't know."

Yep, you read that right.

The situation came to a head when the man's ex-wife dropped their three children, aged nine, five and four, over to their home. His ex is now expecting another child with her new husband.

"Well her and my wife were talking about her new baby and if she knew the gender," the man continues. "Now my ex knows that I've been fixed as I did so after our youngest was born"

As the women were chatting, the man's wife said, "I can't wait to be pregnant, we've been trying to have a baby with no luck but it will happen when God allows it."

At that point, the guy's ex looked at him. "And I knew what she was thinking with the look she gave me," he wrote.

"Later she texted me and told me I needed to tell my wife the truth and that she had baby fever and it was cruel to give her false hopes and pretty much called me an A$$hole."

"So am I?" he asked Reddit.


As you can imagine, the overwhelming response was - YES.

"You know vasectomies can be reversed right?" one commenter wrote. "You could have an adult discussion with her to decide what you both want. But you're taking this decision on your own and it will have life-altering consequences on her. You have to tell her the truth ASAP and I sincerely hope she finds someone that respects her like she deserves"

"My heart guts for this poor woman who has been lied to her whole relationship," said another.

"You sound like a sociopath trying to pretend you have emotions about this."

"Could you imagine falling in love with a man, and creating this beautiful fantasy in your mind about getting married, having children, having a family ... and then you find out that your husband has been lying and apparently doesn't want that at all with you."

While some questioned whether the post was real, others shared that sadly, it does happen.

"It happened to a distant cousin of mine," one woman wrote. "She tried for a few years to have a baby with her first husband and even underwent painful procedures to increase her chances of conception. She still failed to get pregnant."

Unlike the author of the post, however, the man finally came clean. "Her husband told her he had gotten snipped ages ago and that he didn't tell her because he didn't think she would marry him if she knew he couldn't give her a baby.

Quipped another: "Can't wait for the post from the ex saying "my ex husband hasn't told his new wife that he's had a vasectomy even though she thinks they're actively trying for a baby. WIBTA for spilling the beans?"