Blogger raises $150,000 in 24 hours for Kenyan girls in need

Perth blogger Constance Hall was dragged into the debate after the blackface post was placed on her Facebook page.
Perth blogger Constance Hall was dragged into the debate after the blackface post was placed on her Facebook page. Photo: Facebook

Blogger Constance Hall has used her massive social media following to raise a whopping $154,000 for girls in need - in just 24 hours.

The money will be used to build a 'safe house' in Kenya for girls who have been subjected to sexual abuse. 

"I can't believe how much money we've raised," she said through tears in an emotional video posted to her Facebook page last night, after the initial target of $75,000 was hit.

Some of the girls at the Rafiki Mwema house.
Some of the girls at the Rafiki Mwema house.  Photo: GoFundMe/queenscastle

Perth-based Hall had been aware of the need for the help in Africa, saying she was "reading a lot about African children" and "like many women, I had been touched by some viral Facebook videos and was feeling really helpless".

As good timing would have it, she was contacted by Byron Bay mother Sarah Rosborg, who offers her time 40-hours-a-week as CEO of Rafiki Mwema, a charity that provides housing and support for very young girls who have sexually abused in Kenya. 

A partnership was born and Hall decided to write her "most important post" on the Queens of Constance blog, linking it to her 540,000 strong Facebook community. She wanted to raise awareness about Rafiki Mwema's work, asking for donations via a GoFundMe page to go towards building the refuge. 

"Some of these young survivors have been sexually abused to the point of needing surgery," the post explained.

"Some prostituted from the age of two (yep, you read that correctly), some aren't able to communicate to anybody without covering their faces due to the shame they believe they have brought on themselves." 

Hall's goal was to raise $75,000. In just three hours $20,000 was raised; in less than six hours her target of $75,000 was hit.


At the time of publishing this story funds raised sit at an incredible $154,000.

In a Facebook post on Wednesday morning Hall said the additional money raised would go towards building a second safe home for sexually abused girls in Kenya.

"They are now also building a stepping stone home, a home for the babies of the Rafiki family, who have only just found safety and are still too vulnerable to be in the big house with all of the other girls," she wrote.

The planned land for the extensions.
The planned land for the extensions.  Photo: GoFundMe/queenscastle

The self-proclaimed 'freedom fighter' knew her Queens (the name she has for her followers) would be touched by the story and would want to contribute, but she was humbled by how fast the target would be raised.  

"I've never raised money before. I can't do anything today - I'm just sitting her refreshing the GoFundMe page, thank you - you're amazing," she said. 

Alongside the video post, she wrote, "I have believed in this community since the beginning. I knew that the Queens would change the world and we are. 

"We are amazing. Be assured that every further cent donated is needed and will be spent on our Glorious Queens."

Hall said she was "blown away" by the response and in awe of the work of Rosborg.

"I've always known that Queens are capable of great things, but even I am literally in shock and awe of their united power," she said. 

"Sarah Rosborg, the Australian founder, works tirelessly every day for Rafiki Mwema children, she is a complete Warrior Legendary Boss Bitch and she doesn't even know it.

"She is off to Kenya on Sunday and along with an abundance of love, she now has some good news to share as well. I am obviously girl crushing on her.

"Yesterday the Queens parted with hard earned cash, one stating that she was donating the money she would normally spend on her weekly coffee!"

Hall is known for her refreshingly frank blog posts, with her recent recount of 'parent sex' further establishing her online presence.