Baby Shark play doh is coming, in case you thought this fad was over

Baby Shark play doh is coming in case you thought this fad was over.
Baby Shark play doh is coming in case you thought this fad was over. Photo: Hasbro

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but if you thought Baby Shark was on its way out, you'd be wrong - very wrong.

Parents, get ready to have the song stuck in your head and in your carpet because toy giant Hasbro is releasing Baby Shark play doh (doh doh doh doh doh doh).

And honestly, we should have seen this coming because where else do you go from singing plush toys, a musical and a Netflix series?

"This vibrant set lets Baby Shark fans build baby, mummy and daddy shark using the cutters and accessories — even create a moustache for grandpa shark or glasses for grandma shark!" Hasbro advises in a press release."To complete their underwater world kids can also make coral, seaweed and colourful sea creatures."

Look at least play doh doesn't make a noise, I guess?

Meanwhile, over on YouTube, the ditty has racked up over 2 billion views - and counting.

With every view bringing us closer to yet another piece of merchandise, we can only imagine what they come up with next.

While no official release date has been set in Australia, Baby Shark play doh hits US stores in May.