Baby Shark gets a heavy metal makeover - yes really

Heavy Metal "Baby Shark" is here.
Heavy Metal "Baby Shark" is here. Photo: YouTube/Slay Duggee

It's the Baby Shark cover literally no one wanted.

Brought to you by a band of canines, called Slay Duggee, this heavy metal version of PinkFong's smash hit, complete with a mesh singlet wearing, drum-playing Beagle, is an assault on all your senses. 

There's so much to unpack here, it's almost difficult to know where to begin. Take a look:

What a banger, hey? Mesmerising stuff.

While the original song horrified parents around the world before somehow making its debut in Billboard Hot 100's Top 40 back in January, going by the comments on YouTube, this version seems a tad more popular.

"This is the only one I can tolerate, great job."  - Mike

"Imagine slipknot performing this." - Rino

"Perfect for putting the kids to sleep." - Jason.


"We parents fight back!!!!" - Nuno

As it happens, these so-called "Lords of Metal", have quite the back catalogue of heavy metal for children, which is now available on Spotify.


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In an interview with HuffPost, drummer "Black Shuck" explained their appeal: "Kids genuinely love heavy metal. Which was a little bit of a surprise to us. Jumping around, shouting, dressing up and running around in circles are all second nature to kids. It helps that very heavy metal is played by a pack of lovable man dogs."

But while the lovable man dogs have more songs in the works, there are some they simply won't touch.

"The original Pokemon theme song will never be bettered," Mr Shuck said. "It's a revered classic and shall never be slayed by Slay Duggee. There are other kids' shows with great music: 'The Darkness on Zingzillas', Squarepusher's soundtrack for 'Daydreams', Yo Gabba Gabba (RIP), and Sesame Street' is always turning out bangers.

"Obviously we are big fans of Hey Duggee as well. Especially the Stick song, the Raindance song and the music when Duggee makes the chickens do aerobics until their eggs pop out."

Planning a quiet day at home with the kids? Here's a playlist for you.

You're welcome.

In the Night Garden

Everything is Awesome

Go Jetters

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