Aminah Hart now engaged to sperm donor Scott Anderson, courted by Hollywood

Aminah Hart and Scott Anderson in Thailand with baby Leila.
Aminah Hart and Scott Anderson in Thailand with baby Leila. Photo: Supplied

The story of a single mother who fell in love with her sperm donor sounded like something out of a Hollywood rom-com.

Now the tale has taken a new romantic twist, as the ABC reveals that the couple are engaged after a recent trip to Thailand. 

The rom-com may also become reality, as the creators behind Love Actually and Bridget Jones' Diary look to cash in on Aminah Hart and Scott Anderson's unlikely love story.

How I Met Your Father: Aminah Hart, left, and Scott Andersen with Leila.
How I Met Your Father: Aminah Hart, left, and Scott Andersen with Leila. 

Aminah first met Scott one year after she gave birth to their daughter Leila - the result of sperm donated by a "happy and healthy" donor, according to clinic documents. It was not long before the pair fell in love.

The modern-day fairytale generated a huge wave of attention after airing on ABC's Australian Story on Monday night. Since then the broadcaster says it has been inundated with requests from news outlets, women's magazines and television shows from around the world.

This included one enquiry from Working Title Films about obtaining the film rights.

"Bloody hell, this is insane!" Aminah told the ABC.

"I've been completely surprised by how widely the story had resonated.

"Articles have been sent to us from China, Denmark, Germany, Italy as well as the UK. It's astonishing that it's had global reach."


After the heartbreak of losing two baby boys to a genetic disorder, advertising professional Aminah found herself newly single at age 42 in 2011. But the Australian woman hadn't given up on her dream of motherhood, and decided the only way she could make it a reality would be with donated sperm.

She was overjoyed after giving birth to Leila in 2012, but was worried about how her daughter would feel not having knowledge of her biological father's background when she got older.

It was then that Aminah contacted Scott, who had consented to recipients and any offspring being able to contact him.

He agreed to meet Leila just before she turned one, and quickly developed a friendship with Aminah.

Shortly afterwards Scott and Aminah started a romantic relationship, and they have been together ever since. 

"It's real Mills and Boon stuff, isn't it," says Aminah's mother Helen Marshall.

"It's a bit of a fairy story really. But it's real, so that's good. It's not just a dream, you know?"

ABC reports the family of three are currently holidaying in Thailand, but will consider their options when they return to Australia next week.

With Brittany Ruppert