A Logie and 100 million plays on iview: it's a Bluey Bonanza!

Photo: ABC Kids / Ludo Productions
Photo: ABC Kids / Ludo Productions 

It's won the hearts of parents and kids around the country and now Bluey has won its first Logie.

The animated series about a Blue Heeler family in Brisbane bounded away with the gong for 'Most Outstanding Children's Program' at last night's awards.

"We're very excited," says co-founder of Ludo studios and Bluey executive producer Charlie Aspinwall, who described the win as a surprise, despite the show's phenomenal success. 

"I guess we knew we were in with a chance because it's a popular vote," he told Essential Baby. "And we've got a lot of people watching the show."

He's not wrong. The series has just broken another record and clocked a massive 100 million program plays on iview - making Bluey ABC's most watched show ever. 


While Tom Gleeson's controversial Gold Logie win might have polarised viewers, the praise for Bluey, which was created by Joe Brumm and produced by the Emmy award-winning Ludo Studio for ABC KIDS, has been unanimous.

The award comes after a global deal with Disney and as the team prepares to tackle the 52 new episodes of season two.

"It was lovely to win it because it gives you that extra confidence about what you're doing," Aspinwall says. "We're just starting on season two now, so to be able to do this at the beginning of that long journey ... it makes you realise all that hard work will pay off down the track.

"The team have worked incredibly hard and totally deserve this. Feeling that people really love it drives us on to try to be better."

While the win itself was a definite highlight, Aspinwall says the best part of the night was seeing just how much Australians have embraced Bluey. 

"Backstage, we had some of the mums and dads showing us videos of their kids dancing and saying 'my son loves your show, he just loves it. I watch it all the time.' That was the best bit of last night. Having people just being so genuinely happy about Bluey."

The sentiment was echoed during Brumm's acceptance speech on stage. "A massive thank you not only to the audience, the 'Bluey' fans who have really taken this show on really to their hearts," he said.

Charlie Aspinwall (left) Joe Brumm pose with the Logie for Most outstanding children's program during the 2019 Logie Awards at The Star Casino on the Gold Coast, Sunday, June 30, 2019. (AAP Image/Dan Peled) NO ARCHIVING, EDITORIAL USE ONLY

Charlie Aspinwall (left) and Joe Brumm pose at the 2019 Logie Awards at the Star Casino on the Gold Coast. (AAP Image/Dan Peled) 

Aspinwall says that it's parents falling for the series and recognising their own lives in the stories that's contributed to its success. "The kids are dancing, the adults are laughing at the jokes. It creates its own little feedback loop," he says of the Bluey phenomenon. "The parents are enjoying it, so the kids enjoy it even more."

And while the Australian backdrop will remain special for Aussie audiences, the team are hopeful families around the globe will embrace Bluey and her family, too as they hit the world stage later this year.

"The Australian side of it will be the special thing for Australia but I think how the family behave, and the humour, is all very relatable," Aspinwall says. "It's an honest look at life at the coalface of parenting small kids."

So what can we expect in season 2?

According to Aspinwall, we can look forward to more stories with mum, more friends - and a whole lot more play. "We love the game play episodes," he continues, adding that messages they receive from from parents reinforces that audiences love them, too. "We realise that if we have a strong game at the core then the children really hook into that."

It's one of the reasons why Aspinwall lists "Pirates" as a favourite episodes, as well as the very funny "Grannies", where Bluey teaches her grandparents how to floss - via Skype.

Fresh from the win, fans are already driving a campaign for Bandit (voiced by David McCormack, the lead singer of Brisbane-based band Custard) to take home the Gold Logie next year.

"I think that would be great," Aspinwall laughs.

But rather than recruiting Tom Gleeson to spearhead the win, he has a better idea. 

"Maybe we get David McCormak in a Bluey suit."