Couple decided to 'try for a girl' - they got 'one in 43 million' quintuplets instead

Joshua and Megan Hulen with their quintuplets.
Joshua and Megan Hulen with their quintuplets.  Photo: Facebook

When Joshua and Megan Hulen decided they wanted to expand their family again, they were hoping to have a little girl join their two sons.

However, the US couple got the surprise of their lives when Ms Hulen fell pregnant with quintuplets naturally - adding four girls and one more boy to their brood.

The couple were told their chance of conceiving quintuplets naturally was one in 43 million, especially since Ms Hulen suffers from polycystic ovarian syndrome and had relied on fertility treatments to conceive in the past.

However, she conceived the quintuplets naturally before she had a chance to start fertility treatments.

The mum-of-seven said she was "in shock" after going in for an ultrasound at six weeks, to discover there were five heartbeats.

We are so happy to finally announce our 5 sweet blessings! It has been a very long day but good! My water broke with one...

Posted by Megan Hulen on  Wednesday, September 2, 2020

"I was so shocked — the ultrasound technician worried they were hurting me because I was shaking," she told WKRG. "I said 'I'm shaking because you've told me I'm having five babies."

The overwhelmed mother said she was no stranger to difficult pregnancies.

"My younger son Matthew was born with nager syndrome (a rare condition that affects both the facial structures and the extremities) and we spent about three months in the NICU with him. It was a really hard time," she explained, saying she spend most of the pregnancy "freaking out".


 "I think I realised that didn't do me any good. I couldn't control anything and what was going to be was going to be — I wasted so much time worrying."

Instead, Ms Hulen tried to celebrate all the milestones and enjoy the pregnancy as much as she could. But she admitted she found it much more tiring, becoming winded after doing her makeup and finding it hard to stand for more than half an hour at a time.

I have been meaning to post for a few days but I won’t lie it’s been chaotic here! 🤪 Josh was at home taking care of...

Posted by Megan Hulen on  Monday, September 21, 2020

Ms Hulen gave birth to Allison, Madison, Emma, Adam, and Chloe at 32 weeks via c-section, saying the birth wasn't what she thought it would be.

"The babies were all born within four minutes of each other," she said. "It was boom boom boom and all the babies were out. It actually took a lot longer to get my bleeding sorted and me stitched up than it did to get the babies out."

Ms Hulen was discharged the next day, and the newborns remained in NICU for three weeks before joining the rest of the family at home. The busy parents admit that was when the chaos really began.

Both mum and dad were awake pretty much 24-hours a day for the first few days the quintuplets were home with a constant cycle of feeding, burping and sleeping.

However, Ms Hulen said the family was adjusting well and her older sons, Matthew and Jacob, seven, are loving being big brothers.

"We're super excited and happy to have a big family. It's bigger than what we anticipated but we're blessed and we're happy about it," she said.