'Why would you post that?': Ashley Graham shamed for breastfeeding photos

Image/Ashely Graham
Image/Ashely Graham  

Model and first-time mama Ashley Graham has once again been shamed for sharing breastfeeding photos on social media.

"After pool chillaxing," Graham captioned the serene three-pic series of herself, feeding five-month-old son Isaac earlier this week. 

Sadly, it didn't take long for the trolls to appear.

"Isn't this something that's a little private?" one commenter wrote. "Yeah I don't want to hear that breastfeeding is natural and a woman has the right to do it. I get that but this is probably not something your child wants to see when he gets older."

"I'm a mum of three kids and understand breastfeeding, but why do you have to post it all the time?" added another.

"Not be rude but why would you or anyone post a photo of breastfeeding?" asked another of her followers.


after pool chilaxin

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Others, however, leapt to the 32-year-old's defence, praising Graham for normalising breastfeeding - and for keeping motherhood real.

"I was feeling self conscious today after taking some breastfeeding photos and just hating the way my body looks," one mama wrote. "I needed to see this. Thank you for being you."


"Yes ma'am!" added another. "My son is a few days younger than yours. I fed him at the golf club's pool and had a few looks. I wanted to tell those Karen's, "you get your marg poolside, he gets his milk."

"I LOVE how you're using your influence to normalise breastfeeding. Seriously so amazing," one mum shared.

In a classic case of damned-if-you-do-and-damned-if-you-don't, Graham was also slammed for sharing photos of herself pumping milk last week.

"Breakfast of Champions. Extra love to the multi-tasking mamas club today as I check emails and pump," she wrote.

But the trolls didn't like that, either.

"I think this is awful to take a picture off," one woman wrote.

"Not necessary at all. Not classy," said another.

"We don't care to see that!! Wth!! Privacy. You've no idea what that means!"

Famous pal and fellow model mama Gisele Bündchen, was quick to praise Graham's mulit-tasking mummy skills.

"That's how it's done," she wrote.