Why Turia Pitt is OK she 'gave up' recording her son's significant milestones

Turia Pitt and fiance Michael Hoskins with Hakavai.
Turia Pitt and fiance Michael Hoskins with Hakavai.  Photo: Turia Pitt/Instagram

As new parents, many of us start out with the best of intentions to dutifully record every significant milestone of our child's life.

We buy the baby book and the milestone cards, but unsurprisingly life gets far too busy to keep it up - the blank pages we "fail" to fill out an early taste of mum guilt. 

Now Turia Pitt has revealed that she too "gave up" recording the milestones - and she's more than OK with it.  

The inspirational author and mum-of-one, who is expecting her second child with fiance Michael Hoskins next year, has shared a candid post on Instagram revealing that the best times she has shared with her son Hakavai are the "small moments".

"Before I had Hakavai, I had this idea that I would record all the important milestones in his little life. I thought it would be cool to reflect on when he was older. Also, I like data. But, you know that about me already."


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Turia went on to explain that she kept a note on her phone for the "first six months or so".

"Every time he reached a significant milestone (well, significant to me - his first time wearing a gangsta cap was important, OK? That happened on March 14, in case you were curious)," she writes.

"His first proper smile happened at 5 weeks, he held his own bottle for the first time at 14 weeks, first teeth came through at 24 weeks. There's lots of other things, big and small, jotted down on the list".

She adds: "And then, at 44 weeks, I have the last record I made - his first unassisted steps."


Pitt is a well-known motivational speaker and even has "an entire online course dedicated to helping people achieve their goals", but she points out that sometimes it's okay not to finish the challenges we set for ourselves.

"The best times I've had with Hakavai weren't based around the milestones," she writes. "The best times are the really small moments. The ones that might otherwise pass you by."

"Like watching him play with his toys in the early morning light, marvelling at his tiny fingers as he moves blocks around with intense focus."

The 32-year-old emphasises that "you don't have to finish every task you've set out to achieve this year", which rings especially true when it comes to being a busy parent.

"If you're not getting any value out of the process, if there's no delight in it for you, if there's no greater reason behind it, you don't have to keep going."

Pitt has always been very honest about the "indescribable" joy and also the challenges of motherhood, after giving birth to Hakavai in December 2017.

"Being Hakavai's Mum is intoxicating, and scary and incredible," she wrote in a blog post on her first Mother's Day. "What a privilege it is to experience all of this."

She signed off her post: "Your time is precious. Spend it on the stuff that's actually precious to you."

Wise words from this amazing mama. 


Stop growing plz.

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