Why Mila Kunis lets her three-year-old daughter sip wine

Mila Kunis in a scene from Bad Moms.
Mila Kunis in a scene from Bad Moms. Photo: AP

Bad Moms actress Mila Kunis gives her three-year-old daughter Wyatt a sip of wine every Friday but, before you get outraged, it's for religious reasons.

The mum of two children, she also has an 11-month-old son Dimitri with husband Ashton Kutcher, says the Jewish tradition was all part of Shabbat, Judaism's day of rest.

She says her daughter loves the Friday ritual.

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis.
Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis. 

"We do Shabbat at our house. At Shabbat, you have a sip of wine," she said.

"My daughter had a sip of wine since she was born.

"Friday mornings she wakes up and I say, 'It's Friday', and she says, 'I can have wine!"

At co-stars Kristen Bell's house neither her nor her husband Dax Shepard drink alcohol, but Sheppard does enjoy O'Doul's – a non-alcoholic beer. And now their kids – Lincoln, four, and Delta, two – both like to give it a taste.

"My kids drink O'Doul's because my husband doesn't drink," she said.

"When we had our first baby, we'd go on a walk every night with the baby, just to get out of the house, and he would have her in a Baby Bjorn, and he would pop an O'Doul's.


"She started at five months to claw at it!"

The "Bad Mom" confessions were part of a hilarious interview with Extra to promote the second Bad Moms movie – A Bad Moms Christmas. Also joining them was co-star Kathryn Hahn.

The trio started the interview by giving Santa a lap dance and Kunis and Hahn confessed to drinking a Mimosa at 10am that day.

They said the team behind the movie knew they were going to do a sequel early on.

"After opening weekend," said Kunis.

"People aren't dumb in this industry, they're like 'this movie made money', let's make another one."

And they were right on the money, with the first movie making more than $200 million.

A Bad Moms Christmas is in theatres November 2.