Welcome to my life!: Rebecca Judd gets real about the downside of birthing four kids

Picture: Instagram
Picture: Instagram 

Carrying and birthing one baby can take its toll on a woman's body - let alone four. 

From diastasis recti, or "mum tum", stretch marks to caesarean scars, pregnancy can deliver a host of new-found physical ailments along with the baby.

But one of the most confronting and least discussed is a weakening of the pelvic floor.

And it seems not even uber-fit presenter Rebecca Judd has been spared that unwelcomed side affect.

The mum of four spoke candidly of her own experiences with the debilitating issue on KIIS Fm's 3pm Pick Up show yesterday.

The 37-year-old and co-host Monty Dimond got into a discussion about light bladder leakage after Dimond admitted she is struggling with the issue during her third pregnancy, joking that now when she sneezes, she wees.

"Oh, yeah, welcome to my life!," Judd, who shares kids Oscar, nine, Billie, six and four-year-old twins Darcy and Tom with AFL player Chris Judd, commiserated. 


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Dimond continued saying she had little control over the leakage, and even crossing her legs no longer worked.


"I got in the car and I'm like, 'I'm going home to change my pants as a grown woman'," she shared.

Judd said she could relate, saying "been there, mate, been there", before sharing a trick her physio taught her for helping to strengthen her pelvic floor. 

"I'll give you a little tip: point your toes together, like you're pigeon-toed. If you point your toes together then when you're putting your pelvic floor on, you're just really isolating that and you're not accidentally recruiting your glutes," she explained. 

Adding the trick helped the body to engage the right muscles. 

"The best thing a physio told me was, 'Imagine you've got a Macca's strawberry thickshake and you've got the straw and you're trying to suck that thickshake up? That's your pelvic floor pulling your baby's head up, or pulling your wee up'."

Judd has also shared that she underwent an intense physio program to restore her core on her blog, Rebecca Judd Loves, saying it helped her gain some strength back following her three pregnancies.

"The stats say it all: one in three women after delivery will suffer pelvic floor dysfunction, two in three will experience abdominal separation, and one in two women will suffer from prolapse sometime in their lifetime. This is huge!," she writes.

"It's so important for you to invest time in looking after yourself and your health after having a baby. There's no shame in making this a priority."

The host also revealed last year she sometimes wears absorption underwear to counter any unwanted surprises.