'Weight, Schmeight' : Sophie Cachia's refreshing words about her post-baby body

Sophie Cachia tells her followers she's focused on recovery and not on losing weight, following the birth of her ...
Sophie Cachia tells her followers she's focused on recovery and not on losing weight, following the birth of her daughter, Florence. Photo: Instagram/The Young Mummy

Aussie blogger Sophie Cachia  (AKA "The Young Mummy"), has penned a refreshingly candid post about her body after baby - telling her followers that she's focused on recovery rather than worrying about her weight.

Ms Cachia, who gave birth to baby Florence four weeks ago, took to Instagram over the weekend to share a photo of her "little tummy".

"I'm not going to pretend to be one of those girls that 'snaps back'," the mother-of-two wrote, adding that of course, there's nothing wrong with bouncing back, either. "Some women's bodies do in fact magically fling back post-birth and lucky them!" Ms Cachia said.

And yet, the popular blogger shared with her almost 200,000 followers that rather than worrying about her weight, first and foremost, " I believe in fixing my body ..."

"My little tummy is sticking around, and guess what?" Ms Cachia continued. "I'm only four weeks post-partum, therefore so it bloody should be!" Ms Cachia explained that she had a severe case of abdominal separation, torn upper abdominal muscles and "a vagina on the verge of prolapsing".

Describing her body as "a little broken at the moment," the mum wrote, "My focus is on healing & repairing before diving straight into exercise because that ain't going to do nobody any good."

Imploring her followers to take care of themselves, Ms Cachia added, "Weight-schmeight".


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Sophie Cachia pictured with her husband, Jaryd, son, Bobby, and baby, Florence.

The Young Mummy's words have resonated with other mums, many applauding her honesty and refreshing attitude.

"Word!" one commenter wrote. "Everyone's journey is so different... 13 months on from babe no.2 and the bod is still not where I'd like it to be, but mahhh. I'm happy and healthy and so are my little loves and that's all that matters."

Ms Cachia's post echoes that of singer Pink who recently admitting that - at six weeks post-baby - she had yet to shed any baby weight.

"Yay me!!!! I'm normal," Pink wrote, following the birth of her son, Jameson, Moon.