Turia Pitt: 'Three things I will teach my son'

Turia Pitt's first baby with fiance Michael Hoskin is due in December.
Turia Pitt's first baby with fiance Michael Hoskin is due in December.  Photo: Supplied

As Turia Pitt prepares to become a first-time mother in December, she recalls the life lessons her parents taught her.

"They made me realise even though I couldn't always control what happened, or what other people said or thought, I could control my reaction," Turia told Essential Baby.

"They also showed how I could reframe a painful or negative event, or use humour to diffuse a situation or disarm someone."

Turia Pitt and Michael Hoskin.
Turia Pitt and Michael Hoskin.  Photo: Instagram

Nothing could have prepared Turia for the Kimberley fire that left her with burns to 65 per cent of her body six years ago. But she said, it was the life lessons her parents, Célestine Vaite and Michael Pitt, imparted that helped build her fortitude.

Now, as the 30-year-old and her finance, Michael Hoskin, look forward to parenthood, they're clear about what they want their son to learn from their own experiences.

1. Surround yourself with like-minded, positive people who support you

"I want my son to know that everyone goes through hard times in their life, but it's possible to come out the other side even stronger – especially if you have the right people in your corner," said Turia.

No one can forget the support Michael, his parents and Turia's own family showed during her years of recovery, including more than 200 surgeries.

It's also important to remember people aren't perfect, reminded Turia. "I always looked up to my family for guidance and support, but I realised they had their flaws too!"


Growing up in Ulladulla, on the New South Wales coast, money was tight. "When we had to sell our family home, mum said to us four kids: 'the house was too big for us anyway'."

Turia said her mum's positive energy was contagious, and she hoped her son would learn a lot just from the way the family chose to live.

2. Be grateful for what you have each day

Practicing gratitude has been life-changing for Turia, she wrote in her new eBook, Good Selfie.

"Gratitude is being thankful and showing appreciation for everything we have going on in our lives. It is not something you just have, it's something you do."

Turia looks forward to teaching her son the importance of taking a few minutes each day to think about what he is grateful for.

"Mentally, there's loads of little tricks and strategies we can teach kids to use," she said. "Like every time they find themselves comparing their looks, results or even their stuff to someone else's, immediately practicing gratitude. It's a powerful antidote."

Believe it or not, Turia is grateful for the fire. "I'd never want to re-live what I went through in recovery – and I wouldn't wish that experience on anyone – but I'm still grateful for it," she said.

"No one has the power to change the past. But you can be grateful for the lessons the past teaches you. I hope my son will understand that one day."

3. Always work towards a goal

Setting goals is something Turia has become famous for. Learning to walk, feed herself and become a two-time ironwoman to name a few impressive feats.

"I want my son to see me continuing to set big goals for myself and chipping away at them," she said.

By doing so, Turia hopes her boy will learn that hard work and dedication yields results. "That's also one of the things my mum taught me. I really admired her work ethic and her perseverance," she said.

Now, just weeks away from realising her goal of starting a family, Turia concluded: "I'm so excited about it. I know there's going to be some challenging times, but it's such an incredible gift to have the opportunity to be a parent".

Good Selfie, Turia's new eBook for teens, is out now. Use the code ESSENTIALBABY at the checkout for a special discount. www.turiapitt.com.