'Tired will be the new normal': Alice Monfries prepares for life with two under two

Photos:Instagram/Alice Monfries
Photos:Instagram/Alice Monfries 

When Alice Monfries found out she was pregnant with her second baby, she prepared for the worst - but she has been pleasantly surprised.

The 9News reporter suffered Hyperemesis Gravidarum while pregnant with son Max and ended up in hospital on a drip.

"I've actually been really lucky with this pregnancy so far and haven't been feeling too bad, which has been a very nice surprise!" Ms Monfries told Essential Baby.

"With my son I was really unwell for almost 30 weeks. I'd been told it would most likely happen again in future pregnancies, so when I found out I was pregnant this time, I kept waiting for it to hit, but by some miracle it hasn't!


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"​I hope that gives some hope to any past sufferers of Hyperemesis who want to have more children."  

The soon-to-be mum-of-two announced her second pregnancy on Instagram last night with an adorable photo of 14-month-old Max touchy his mum's pregnant belly. 

"Our baby is going to be a big brother," she wrote. "We're so excited to meet the newest member of our little fam in April x."

​Ms Monfries and husband Cameron Borgas are now bracing for the constant busyness that is life with two children under two. 


"It sounds like tired will just be the new normal for us for a few years, with two under two!," she said.

"A lot of parents who've also had babies close together have warned us to strap ourselves in for a couple of crazy years, but we've also been told that it's easier to have them both going through the nappy changes and night wakes at the same time, rather than prolong it.

"I hope that being so close in age will mean they have a close bond and get to share so many of life's experiences together."

The couple don't plan to find out the gender of their baby, preferring to keep it a surprise as they did with son Max.

"Given how incredibly different this pregnancy is, I'm getting girl vibes – but who knows!" she said.