'This is the real stuff of life': Em Rusciano shares raw shower photo


"Remember when washing your hair wasn't an extreme sport?!" writes Em Rusciano in a post to Instagram. "Sure sky-diving is fun but have you tried shaving your legs with a toddler in the shower?!"

Alongside a photo of herself with her utterly adorable one-year-old, Elio, the comedian continues, "Husband captured this, I have shampoo in my eye!"

And while the 41-year-old who is almost mum to Marchella, 18, and Odette, 13 with husband Scott Barrow, admitted that she was "horrified" at first, she soon had a change of heart.

"Then I realised, this is the real stuff of life," she says.

"And I love it. I do."


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​The snap has captured the hearts of Rusciano's 200,000 followers with many saying it's a moment she'll cherish forever.

"Wonderful photo, great life reminder," said one mum.

"The things we do," said another.


"My 2 year old twins shower with me too," laughed another. "They hear the water and come running but if Daddy is in the shower it's a sacred zone and they won't even go in the bathroom. Showering/shaving and washing my hair has become definitely become an extreme sport."

Rusciano, who celebrated Elio's first birthday in January, also recently shared this sweet moment.

"Things have been loud lately, this helps," she wrote. "I'm putting this photo here so I remember, this helps. It's all moving so quickly, Elio I mean.. It feels like it's going at double the pace it should be. I miss bits because I'm working but I'm working to make a nice life for him and so it goes.. So I'm just gonna lay here, even though it's 11:10am and I need to put a load of washing on and clean up the dog piss in the kitchen and write.. 

"Just a bit longer."


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