'This is incredibly dangerous': LeBron James accused of risking daughter's safety

The 3-year-old travelled in a moving car with only the lap portion of the seatbelt secured.
The 3-year-old travelled in a moving car with only the lap portion of the seatbelt secured.  Photo: LeBonJames/Instagram

While the world oohed and ahhed over the sweetness of one of the world's biggest sports stars bopping along to a song from Frozen in the back of a moving car, there were others concerned about the toddler's car safety.

LeBron James posted a video to his 43 million Instagram  followers the day before the start of the NBA season in the US, not of his gruelling training schedule, but adorably spending time with his 3-year-old daughter Zhuri, who turns 4 on October 22.

The world's most famous basketballer is shown enjoying Frozen's Love is an Open Door as his daughter enthusiastically sings along. They're both in the back of a moving car, and as gorgeous as the video is,

Zhuri is neither in a car seat, nor wearing the seatbelt across her torso. She is wearing the lap part of the seatbelt.

A second video of them singing Let It Go was posted on James' Instagram Stories showing the toddler with the same dangerous seatbelt arrangement.

LeBron's family resides in California, where the law states that any child under the age of 8 must ride in the back of a car in an approved car seat. Many commenters on the post also noticed the safety issue and sought to guide the star on his daughter's car safety.

"Half a seat belt won't protect that angel girl in a crash. That's the whole point of a car seat. Now you know," wrote glaudinilola.


conflicted21 wrote, "She needs a carseat Bro... not trying to tell you how to parent. Just something that I would like to see. Safety First."

"Put this kid in a proper car seat. This is incredibly dangerous." said sara_hernandez44.

Others were not so polite about it, sparking terse interactions between fans who came to the star's defence. 

All the fame, popularity and wealth in the world can't provide a defence for breaking child car restraint laws, however, though lack of awareness on the part of LeBron may have been a factor.

High profile sports stars have often been cocooned in extreme wealth since their teenage years, having staff do most of the tasks the rest of us have to think about daily. LeBron hasn't forgotten his roots, however, setting up a school for disadvantaged kids earlier this year, that also provides a free university education upon graduation.

Despite being in full prep mode for his first NBA season with the LA Lakers, LeBron is sure to have been made aware of his safety oversight. So far, the post has attracted nearly 22,000 comments, with 5.6 million views.