The secret's out: Adele's baby name revealed

After keeping it secret for a few months, it seems Adele has inadvertently revealed her son’s name.

Since giving birth in October last year, the singer has only referred to her baby as “little Peanut”, and when asked about his name at the Golden Globes in January, she said she and her partner Simon Konecki were enjoying him on their own.

“I am not sharing his name at the moment. It is very personal to me,” she told People at the time.

But the 24-year-old was last week spotted wearing a nameplate necklace that spelled out Angelo, a major hint as to her son’s name.

Angelo is of Latin origin, and means angel or messenger. 

Her estranged father, Mark Evans, seemed to confirm the name in a recent interview.

Evans admitted to failing Adele as a young child, reportedly leaving her mother to raise her alone when she was three years old.

Their relationship was briefly repaired when Adele reached adulthood, but after Evans spoke to the media in 2011 his typically private daughter “shut him off completely”.

"Not only did I hear I was going to be a granddad for the first time via the media, I found out the same way that she's calling the baby Angelo James," he told Mail Online.


"I'm not sure why she's chosen James, other than a reference to James Bond, and God alone knows where Angelo has come from.

"I’d hoped so much that she’d put my late dad’s name, John, in there somewhere, but alas, it looks as if it is not going to be.

"It's very LA, isn't it?"

Before the baby's birth, UK bookmakers offered bets on what he would be named. While Angelo didn't appear on the list, James was given the odds of 20/1.

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