The Katering Show's next big delivery

The Katering Show is the "journey of a food intolerant (Kate McCartney) and an intolerable foodie (Kate McLennan)."
The Katering Show is the "journey of a food intolerant (Kate McCartney) and an intolerable foodie (Kate McLennan)." Photo: Supplied

Most mums-to-be plan to take things easy as the birth of their baby draws near. Not Kate McCartney.

The Melbourne comedian, whose first child is due next month, is instead spending the last weeks of her pregnancy doing interviews and fielding calls following the premiere of smash hit web series 'The Katering Show'.

McCartney, who stars in the six-part series alongside friend and fellow comedian Kate McLennan, says the instant success of the show has taken her a little by surprise.

Kate McLennan (left) and Kate McCartney.
Kate McLennan (left) and Kate McCartney.  Photo: Supplied

"We did anticipate some people would like it, but the fact it has become so popular so quickly is very, very surreal," she says.

"I had hoped to have a little bit of down time before the baby arrives, but I'm not sure that's going to happen."

The Katering Show is billed as a the "journey of a food intolerant (McCartney) and an intolerable foodie (McLennan)" and premiered on YouTube on February 11. 

The show's hilarious take on the "cult" of Thermomix has already been viewed almost 870,000 times. Meanwhile, their episode 'We Quit Sugar', devoted to their "Instagram idol" I Quit Sugar's Sarah Wilson, has had 236,000 hits in less than a week.

McCartney and McLennan met for the first time in 2005 after years of "knowing of" each other.

"We lived in the same town, worked in similar industries and had the same agent," McCartney says.


"Because our names are so similar I would occasionally be sent her tax returns by mistake, so the first thing I really knew about Kate was that she was earning much more money than me.

"Then we finally met in the traditional way - while drunk on the dance floor at the comedy festival one year."

The two Kates are experienced actors, comedians and writers whose impressive list of credits included Offspring, House Husbands and Hamish and Andy.

They are currently working on an television adaptation for the ABC of their first successful web series, Bleak.

It was during this project that they came up with the concept for a show taking a satirical look at the foodie culture.

"I really could not care less about food," McCartney explains. "I would happily eat tuna and rice every night and not care."

"On the other hand, a love of food is the guiding principle in Kate's life and that difference between us provides a natural tension which works well."

Despite her ambivalence about food, since being diagnosed with a number of intolerances several years ago McCartney has had to put more consideration into what she eats.

"I think Kate sees me as some kind of project in terms of working out what to feed me without making me sick," McCartney says.

McCartney was about six months pregnant when the series was being filmed late last year, but her growing tummy was kept well hidden behind her apron.

"We didn't want my pregnancy to be part of this series, because we already had a plan for what we wanted to focus on this time," she explains.

"Plus there was a lot of wine drinking going on, so we didn't think that would be a good look for a pregnant woman."

McCartney is quick to point out that no wine actually passed her lips, or McLennan's, during the filming.

"When you are doing a scene six or seven times you can't be drinking during every take or things will go south very quickly," she explains.

"It's a shame because cooking is much less fun without wine, but at least I didn't feel left out."

Surprisingly, for those those familar with The Katering Show's Thermomix episode, McCartney admits to secretly coveting the $2000 machine.

This is despite the fact the fashionable kitchen appliance is described on the show as "something you buy for yourself because you've always wanted to join a cult, but you don't have the energy for the group sex".

"Kate had very firm ideas about the Thermomix, but I didn't even know what one was before the first day of filming," McCartney says.

"I wouldn't care if all kitchen appliances just passed me by - other than a jaffle maker, I do like those."

However once McCartney realised the thermomix did "everything, without the need to go near it", she thought the appliance might be helpful in her upcoming role as a first-time mum.

"I don't care about food, but soon I'll be responsible for feeding another person," she said. "I figure I can just put everything in the thermomix and puree it. That's what you with kids isn't it?"

Fellow expectant mums who have enjoyed the web series might have something to look forward to when it comes time to feed their baby solids - a Katering Show take on the sometimes controversial world of baby and toddler food.

"It's definitely a possibility we have spoken about," McCartney says. "Kate doesn't have any children so this baby is going to be a test baby for both of us."

Visit The Katering Show's channel or watch their Thermomoix hot video below.