Not so Insta-perfect: The 10 most relatable celebrity parenting moments of 2020

Photo: Instagram
Photo: Instagram 

Ah 2020, what a year. Need we say more?

The year saw parents getting more creative than ever due to social distancing and lockdown restrictions. From coming up with fun ways to celebrate major events and holidays, to keeping kids fit despite not being able to use playgrounds, it's been a challenging year for mums and dads - and celebrities have not been immune.

Check out some of our favourite celebrity parenting moments below.

1. Max Greenfield 

The New Girl actor shared videos throughout the year of homeschooling his 10-year-older daughter Lilly, and she (as the kids would say) absolutely roasted his attempts at teaching.

From her being more interested in learning TikTok dances than maths and him being caught out not knowing fractions, the 41-year-old captured us all when we've had a moment where we've questioned what we even learned at school in the first place.

2. Reese Witherspoon

The mother-of-three loves a candid snap with her kids, and we love to see it!

She really had us with her posts showing her teaching her seven-year-old son Tennessee. From hanging upside down to her trying to find the perfect working from home/ home schooling balance, parents everywhere could relate to those days where despite your best efforts, your children are just not listening.


3. Kris Smith

We can't relate to Kris Smith a lot of the time, but when he shared an Instagram post of his daughters all over him while he was trying to use the toilet, we have never felt more alike.


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5. Chrissy Teigen

The supermodel is known for her honest content on her social media, and has shared some raw and emotional posts this year following the loss of her son Jack at 20 weeks after she was diagnosed with partial placenta abruption.

However, the 35-year-old  has also shared some of the lighter sides of parenthood, and one of our faves was when she proved that even the kids of supermodels aren't immune to absolutely cracking it at the worst possible moment when she shared her family's 'holiday photo fail'. She tweeted a picture of her two-year-old son Miles having a meltdown during the shoot. The best part? It inspired other parents to share their own, and not only are they hilarious, but they make you feel a little better when you're one bad photo away from a tantrum of your own.

6. Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell is another celebrity mama that hasn't tried to be 'Instagram perfect'. From asking for advice about getting vaseline out of her daughter's hair to her struggles with home schooling while going a bit stir-crazy.

Kristen Bell's seven-year-old daughter Lincoln even penned her first ever 'opinion essay' choosing the topic 'how my mummy reacts to me'. And it is absolute gold. 

Presenting her well-researched data in a grid, the little girl presented the cold hard facts, including that mum 'doesn't believe in me', has 'no patience' and perhaps the most damning one of all, has 'bad reactions' - with 'bad' underlined twice.

Bell also opened up about toilet training her kids this year, saying, 'every kid is different'.

7. Fifi Box

Raise your hand if your first uninterrupted night of sleep after having a baby was one to remember?

Well you're not alone, and Fifi Box excitedly shared the milestone to Instagram, captioning it, "this was me after the first time I slept for eight hours straight in over a year."

Congrats mama! 


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8. America Ferrera

The mum-of-two shared the reality of getting ready to go back to work four months after giving birth to her second child, by posting a picture of herself wearing a breast bump while sitting on the couch.

The photo, captioned "Mama goes back to work... baby and pump in tow," with the hashtag #pumplife, was a hit with fellow mums who loved the honesty.

9. Nicole Richie

​The mum-of-two shared every parent's worst nightmare —her children finding a somewhat raunchy Snapchat of herself at a bachelorette party.

"HELP!" the mother-of-two wrote as a caption. "I'm the mum of pre-teens and my past posts have come back to haunt me!"

Mortifying, but also hilarious. 

10. Kate Hudson

Have you ever just wanted some time to yourself to chill out, maybe read a book, do some exercise, drink some coffee in peace only to look up and to find a little person has decided to attach themselves to you?

Kate Hudson had her fair share of that with her toddler, Rani Rose, holding onto mum's legs while she tried to do some yoga. 

Nothing like a bit of extra resistance! 


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