Teresa Palmer shares sweet snap breastfeeding her daughter: 'Basking in these still moments of love'

Teresa Palmer with Poet.
Teresa Palmer with Poet. Photo: Instagram

Australian actress Teresa Palmer has never shied away from talking openly about breastfeeding, recently sharing a sweet snap of her feeding her 19-month-old daughter.

"Poet is nursing her baby while I'm nursing mine!" she captioned the photo. "Basking in these still moments of love," she continued, before asking everyone how they're holding up.  

Fans were quick to respond thanking her for sharing the pic, praising her for 'normalising' breastfeeding.

"Beautiful motherhood realness!" one woman said.

"I'm holding up. I'm a nurse on a maternity ward and it is so nice to see breastfeeding normalised out of the work place as it should be!", said another.

"A beautiful moment," agreed another.

Palmer has spoken in the past about the stigma surrounding breastfeeding in public, admitting it concerns her.

"I think it's really detrimental to some women who are starting their breastfeeding journey with their babies, and feeling any sense of shame," she said in an interview in 2015.


"I"ve been photographed breast feeding a ton because I breastfeed whenever my son needs it, or wants it, and that's the type of relationship that we have, and I'm committed to nurturing him in that way."

She has also been vocal about 'extended breastfeeding', claiming there is 'bullying' against women who still nurse their toddlers. 

"It's strange to me to think that we now fall under the 'extended breast-feeding' label. He still seems like such a baby to me and is still very dependent on me for so many things," she wrote on Instragram back in 2016 when her son Bodhi was two-years-old.

"But having his boobies is certainly his favorite activity and I assume it will be for much longer."

"The social discrimination against women who breast-feed their older toddler can be immense," she added. "I know women who won't feed their 2-year-old in public for this reason. From dirty looks, to whispers and nasty comments, it is downright bullying."

Palmer shares three children, sons Bohdi, now six and Forest, four as well as Poet with her husband Mark Webber.