Teresa Palmer on her molar pregnancy and 'unsexy' conception

Teresa Palmer at Comic-Con in July.
Teresa Palmer at Comic-Con in July. Photo: Getty Images

Teresa Palmer is basking in pregnancy glow as she awaits the arrival of her new baby.

But the actress has revealed the journey to become pregnant second time around was not an easy one.

In an interview with OK! magazine the 30-year-old said it was "not fun" when her attempts to conceive were not successful and after a while the effort to do so became "unsexy".

"It became stressful, confusing, sad, disappointing and downright unsexy," she told OK!.

Palmer, who is already mum to two-year-old son Bodhi Rain, said she and husband Mark Webber were overjoyed when they finally conceived. 

However that happiness did not last long with an ultrasound soon revealing there was no baby and Palmer was suffering a molar pregnancy. 

Molar pregnancy occurs when not only does the foetus not develop properly, but the placenta proliferates out of control, forming a tumour of unwanted placental cells.

The tumour can continue to produce hCG, the human pregnancy hormone, giving the false impression that a woman is carrying a viable pregnancy. In rare cases a molar pregnancy can turn cancerous, however close monitoring of the condition can prevent complications.

Palmer recently wrote about the heartbreaking moment she and her family learnt about the unsuccessful pregnancy. 


"My husband, Bodhi and I looked around that little room and all cried together. A Molar Pregnancy. Never heard of it. Basically everyone drops a crappy egg at one point in their life and my body did and of course it was the month we finally conceived," she wrote on her website Your Zen Mama.

"So you have the symptoms of being pregnant but really it's just a potentially cancerous tumour that grows, no baby.

"I had to be monitored weekly with blood tests to check to see if the tumour would grow back but thankfully my HCG numbers dropped rapidly enough and I didn't need any chemo."

The Australian actress later fell pregnant again. She is now 19 weeks pregnant with a healthy baby, and is feeling well. She is producing weekly vlogs about her pregnancy.

In a recent vlog, she told how she is preparing Bodhi for the arrival of his younger sibling.

"I've been showing him so many videos, we watched his birth video and I was explaining that's what's going to happen with our baby," she said. 

"He calls the baby his baby, which I think is a really good sign. My plan is going to be to just really involve him in the care of his baby brother and making sure he's around during feeding and changing nappies and baths together."

Palmer is also step-mother to Webber's eight-year-old son from a previous relationship.