'Strangled by the guilt': Fifi Box reveals emotional toll of baby's sleep regression

Fifi Box with her daughters Trixie and Daisy.
Fifi Box with her daughters Trixie and Daisy. Photo: Instagram

Fifi Box has shared an exciting milestone as a parent – her first uninterrupted sleep in over a year.

Sharing a photo to Instagram, the mother-of-two captioned the selfie; "this was me after the first time I slept for 8 hours straight in over a year 😂."

"I was so happy I don't even care how puffy and unflattering this is," the radio host continued.  

"I had to capture the moment, I was a happy, well slept mumma."

The post comes not long after Box shared her struggles of having a baby suffering from sleep regression.

"At 12 months Daisy has forgotten how and when to sleep and I'm so sleep deprived I'm not even sure what time of day it is," she wrote in an Instagram post. "My poor little snuggle bug 💕😩 ps. Open to any tips."

Fans were quick to comment on the post, sympathising with Box and offering words of support, which she credits as helping to her reach out and ask for help.

"I'm not very good at asking for help, and because I love my kids so much, I feel like it is my job alone to care for them and to manage any challenges," she acknowledged.  "I was being strangled by the guilt that I was letting them both down and I wasn't good enough."


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The mum to Trixie, seven and Daisy, one, said she reached out to an infant sleep consultant, declaring she "transformed our lives."

"Daisy is sleeping in her cot through the night," she said excitedly.

"I have stopped feeding her to sleep," she continued, adding that Daisy is now routinely napping and is happy when she's awake instead of "grizzling all day because she's tired."

"And Trixie has got her mummy-time back because I'm not attached to Daisy 24/7," she added. "I can spend quality time with both the girls."

Box urged parents in a similar situation to reach out if they're also feeling overwhelmed, particularly during lockdown.

"I could not have done this on my own," she admitted. "By surrendering and allowing Steph to weave her magic we are back to a fully functioning family."

"You're not alone and with the expert help and experienced advice getting babies and children in healthy sleep routines is so achievable!"