'Sexist' Russell Brand criticised for admitting he's a hands-OFF dad

Photo: Russell Brand / Instagram
Photo: Russell Brand / Instagram 

A life lived in the spotlight can be tough sometimes, and even if you're the confessional type, it can pay to keep some of your less-than desirable personality traits well under wraps.

Russell Brand has attracted the ire of many, admitting he's a completely hands-off dad and that his wife Laura, 'does all of it."

The remarks were published in an interview with the UK's The Sunday Times Magazine, with the star admitting he's too 'sensitive' to change nappies or even look after his two young children alone.

Twitter is taking notice too. A post by hadley Freeman on January 19 attracted many comments, criticising Brand for being sexist.

Brand, 43, is married to 31-year-old dungarees designer Laura Gallacher, whom he married in August 2017 after a 14 month engagement.

The couple share two daughters - Mabel, 2, and Peggy, six months. And by his own admission, he doesn't do a lot to share in their care.

When asked if he had ever cared for his kids for a day, he replied, "No. She wouldn't go away for 24 hours, Laura. She respects and cares for their safety too much."

A single evening perhaps?


"Um, I've done like, a night. But they're asleep then."

Brand announced his first child was on the way in July 2016, with a witty Instagram post of him holding a parenting book.


Right then. My Mum bought me this. Time to get ready! #trewlit #bookstagram #parenting

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It would appear the star didn't get time to read it, however. 

"Yes, I'm very, very focused on the mystical connotations of Mabel's beauty and grace. Not so good on the nappies and making sure that they eat food," he quipped.

"When I looked after Mabel on her own, she dropped two social classes in an hour," Brand went on.

"In no time at all we're in a coffee shop, she's just got a nappy on, she's covered in stuff because I'm not willing to fight any of the battles. I'm like, f*** it, it doesn't matter whether she wears trousers, no, I suppose it doesn't matter if she does that. So it looks a bit Shameless within a couple of hours. Laura's able to sustain and maintain domesticity in a way that's astonishing."

How does Brand justify his lack of domesticity?

"I'm still of a romantic and reflective and, possibly, to give it it's proper name, a religious disposition. That's my world view."

It's a world view that has sparked accusations of sexism and unapologetic traditionalism, and with good reason.

After stating that he's not exactly the best with 'bureaucratic, managerial stuff' he's asked

"Oh totally, Laura does all of it. It turns out that she is extremely well versed in the nuances and complexities of child-rearing. Me, I am dedicated to it, devoted to it, but I am still surprised when it's like, 'Oh my God, this is... really hard and it's so exhausting.' The younger one, I just feel inept so quickly, like with the crying."

One thing's for sure, he's honest! And so are the commenters.

"Next time my children are puking everywhere with gastric flu, I'll remind them that I am of too much of a romantic and reflective disposition to deal with it."

"Guys, cut the man some slack. He has more than once driven a car with his child in it, and also the other stuff makes him "feel inept" and that's not a nice feeling."

"I had twins with one like that. The sensitive, artistic charm wears off faster than an epidural..."