Seven Year Switch's Jackie poses almost nude while heavily pregnant

She made headlines as she and husband Tim aired their relationship problems on the popular reality series Seven Years Switch - and now Jackie is sharing much more than just her emotions. 

The 38-weeks pregnant mum-to-be posted the results of a lingerie/nude maternity shoot on Instagram this week, thanking her photographer for her skills.

"I can't believe this photo is really me! Not sure where Jade from @foreverafterphotography has hidden the 22kg that I've put on throughout this #pregnancy?!! Must be under the sheet?!" she captioned the shot. 

"I have absolutely loved being #pregnant (well besides the pelvis issues I've had) but I'm so glad the baby held off long enough for me to get these beautiful #maternity #photos taken."

She went on to admit that she'd had a change of heart over having kids when she first met her partner.  

"I have never been particularly maternal or overly interested in having children (I did a lot of babysitting of nieces and nephews when I was young and knew how tough it was!) But when I met Tim, I knew I wanted to have a #baby with him from the very beginning and the last#9months, growing this little human being has been such a special time."

She ended the post with another mention of her photographer, writing, "I can't wait to see the rest of the photos from the shoot and share them with you. Jade, can not thank you enough!💓"

The personal trainer also shared another photo of her with her fiance.