Serena Williams proves pregnancy isn’t the end of an active life

Serena Williams
Serena Williams Photo: Getty Images

Serena Williams has shared a video of herself playing tennis at 28 weeks pregnant, showing that pregnancy is not an illness that requires women to give up what they love.

As someone who used all three of her pregnancies as an excuse to sit on the couch and eat biscuits, I feel particularly put to shame. But other women, who remained more active than me, have reported feeling fitness shamed while they're pregnant, with everyone and their obstetrician dog tut-tutting their efforts to remain active.

Apparently even the hint of a baby bump is enough to unleash the gates of unwanted advice, telling women they are putting their babies at risk if they choose to keep running, playing tennis, pole dancing, or whatever keeps them feeling great in their own skin.

Even the greatest tennis player the world has ever seen isn't immune, with some commenters on Instagram telling her she should "take it easy". (I've seen Serena play and full flight, and I've watched this video – believe me, this IS Serena taking it easy.)


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But most applauded Serena's athleticism and all-round awesomeness.

"Go girl," wrote one commenter. "I was playing tennis till I was eight months pregnant. Keep on moving."

Another shared her experience too. "I played through both pregnancies too. Although many women hated to play me because they didn't like to watch me go for their mean little drop shot. Keep it up. Don't let motherhood ever stop you from doing what you love, just bring them along."

I'm pretty sure there's nothing that will stop Serena.