Serena Williams' non-airbrushed approach to pregnancy makes for a refreshing change

Serena shared a picture of her growing baby bump on Snapchat.
Serena shared a picture of her growing baby bump on Snapchat. Photo: Snapchat

I have come to expect that every time I write about the contents of celebrity uteruses this year using a headline other than, "Beyonce gives birth to twins", I will feel mildly disappointed.

But the totally candid way Serena Williams is documenting her pregnancy makes for such a refreshing break from all of the airbrushed magazine covers and over-the-top Instagram photoshoots (yeah, Bey, that was a sledge) that normally characterise the carrying of a famous foetus.

The tennis star's Snapchat followers recently received a video of her standing in what appears to be her bathroom, wearing a stars and stripes one-piece swimsuit with matching cover-up. 

(Oh, and a Nike visor. Sometimes a girl's gotta wear a hat indoors to meet her sponsorship requirements, y'know?)


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"I went on a shopping spree at Target," she says in the video, posted on Monday. "Look. I mean, it's the only place I could find a bathing suit that would fit me."

There are no filters, no make-up teams. Just a pregnant woman, a mirror and her iPhone.

Did Serena, who is engaged to Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, mean to send this video out to the world? Who knows.

This is the same woman who accidentally announced her pregnancy by sending a Snapchat of herself with the caption "20 weeks" to her followers which she had only intended to screenshot and keep for herself, so it's honestly possible this footage was just meant to be a DM to sister Venus.

We can expect the arrival of baby Williams-Ohanian in early spring.