'She's a natural': Serena Williams shares adorable mini me photo series

Photos: Instagram / Serena Williams
Photos: Instagram / Serena Williams 

Look out, world.

Tennis superstar Serena Williams has shared an adorable series of snaps that prove her little girl is set to follow in mama's footsteps. 

The photos and video, which were posted to Instagram, show Serena and her two-year-old, Alexis Olympia dressed in matching purple lycra tennis onesies. Nike, of course. 

Little Olympia is clearly a natural, and can be seen standing behind the base line, poised in a deep squat position with her Wilson racquet - ready to serve alongside her famous mum.

In the next image, the duo have obviously smashed a winning shot. Serena throws her hands in the air for victory, with the final frame a video of Olympia high-fiving her mum before they both walk off the court... with Serena's protege even managing a little racquet drop as she toddles off. Too much cute. 

The 38-year-old champion captioned the photo series, 'Caption this' - keen to see what her followers thought of the sweet mother-daughter tennis session.


Caption this (MUST SWIPE RIGHT)

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"Name a more iconic duo, we'll wait," said one.

"Can't caption. The cuteness has rendered me speechless. I love you guys," said another.

"Omg she's such a mini me, so cute!"


"Not gonna lie I've been waiting for this pic since she was born."

"Can we talk about her stance? She's a natural! "

Serena's older sister Venus Williams, herself a tennis champ, even piped up: "I just love her and you too much! If this gets any cuter I will NOT LIVE!", she gushed.

Serena also shared a shot of the pair on Olympia's Instagram page, obviously pre-match, again in identical squat poses and this time with matching black skirts over their onesies. 


Caption this

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While COVID-19 has foiled Serena's plans to be competing at Wimbledon right now, and all professional tournaments called off, the mum-of-one is obviously enjoying the extra time with her family. 

Serena has spoken openly about the challenges of parenting in the past and how much she appreciates her own father and coach, Richard.

In a previous interview for ESPN she revealed it's only after bringing her own daughter into the world, does she have a full perspective of the sacrifices her father and lifelong coach Richard made for her.

"My dad is amazing. I could never have done what he has done, not only with myself but with Venus," she said. "It's shocking and as a parent to do something every single day is very difficult - and I can't do something with my daughter every single day.

"And I remember when we were young we went out and trained and practised and we didn't miss a day. "To have that discipline actually makes me look at myself as a player, as a parent and just really appreciate my dad so much more than I ever have in the past.