Ryan Reynolds shares the hilarious truth of early parenthood

Ryan Reynolds with Blake Lively and their children.
Ryan Reynolds with Blake Lively and their children.  Photo: Getty Images

He may not have a degree in early childhood, but actor Ryan Reynolds is clearly living in the thick of early parenthood. And while you may not want to take Ryan's parenting advice too seriously, they're sure to give you a good giggle.

Appearing on Good Morning America on to promote his upcoming film Life, actor Ryan Reynolds, dropped a few hilarious truth bombs about flying with kids. And he had the hosts - and parents around the world - in utter hysterics.

"I've always had empathy for parents, especially [when] flying,"he said. "Before I had kids, I was always like, 'God, that's hard.' You can see they're sweating and they're nervous because their kids are yelling and everyone's mad at them. And you're just like 'Oh I know, I know.'"

Now that he's a dad himself, father to two-year-old James, and five-month-old Ines, Reynolds has an ever deeper understanding of the true horror of air travel with little ones.

"I would rather drink a piping-hot bowl of liquid rabies than get on a plane with my two children," he said. "At 2 years old, they just have to rip all their clothes off and introduce themselves to everyone on the plane. And it's just like, 'Please, can we land in a farmer's field?"

During his appearance, Reynolds also discussed his famous - and hilariously honest - parenting tweets.

 "Yeah, yeah I'm going to hell,' he said, as the hosts broadcasted some of his finest work.

Reynolds' tweets have certainly had us in stitches for sometime now. 


Here are just some of favourites ...

We're looking forward that parenting book you've promised us, Ryan. 

Ryan and wife Blake Lively are parents to daughters James, 2, and Ines, 5 months.

It's not just on Twitter that you can see Ryan's great parenting advice, though. After Ines was born, and he was named one of GQ's Men of the Year, he released a video full of tips for the birth of a new baby, aimed squarely at dads. Some tips were (hopefully) obvious: "Be in the room. You're not Don Draper."

Others were clearly more niche: "Your wife will pretty much never think it's funny or charming if you tip your imaginary top hat and tell her you're 'at your cervix'."

Ryan also made mothers everywhere swoon when he appeared on the Late Show with Seth Meyers and shared the best dad advice ever (this from a mother's point of view, of course): "Just do the dirty work, man. You gotta do the diapers, you gotta do the middle of the night thing. I mean, your wife – a human being will exit your wife, so she's done enough. Just change the diapers and do all that stuff."

From your lips to dads' ears everywhere, Ryan Reynolds. Now we love him even more.