Reality star calls out cruel troll who called newborn ugly: 'Vile human'

Picture: Instagram
Picture: Instagram 

To new parents, their baby is the sweetest thing in the world. 

So it's natural many want to share updates on their tiny tot on social media. 

But while most may expect a few likes and maybe some gushing, few would expect to have to deal with someone calling their baby ugly. 

Unfortunately for The Only Way is Essex stars Shelby Tribble and fiancé Sam Mucklow, that's exactly what happened after Tribble shared a cute snap their son Abel. 

Posting the pic of a serious looking Abel, who was born on November 15, with clenched fists and a grumpy expression, Tribble captioned it 'I don't do mornings...'.

However, while most of the comments were saying how cute he was, one left a particularly cruel comment.

According to The Sun, one anonymous troll, going under the handle priyaaax_x, wrote 'ugliest effin thing I've seen'. 

Switching to protective mum mode, Tribble lashed out at the troll, describing them as a vile human.


"​I am so angry. How dare some vile human write that about my innocent gorgeous boy. I hope whoever you are you go back to your sad miserable little hole and disappear," she said.

The TOWIE star later posted a video thanking her fans for reporting the troll and sending her messages of support, saying while she could handle nasty comments directed to her, it was a different story when it came to Abel.

"I wouldn't let trolling bother me usually, it does, but I've learned to deal with it. I just block and ignore," she said.

"But what I will not ignore is the fact that someone has written that about my innocent baby boy and I think it's disgusting."

Abel is the first child for Tribble and Mucklow, who met on the British reality show, documenting the lives of a group of friends living in Essex.