'Please donate blood': Kimberly Van Der Beek's plea one year on from 'brutal' pregnancy loss

Picture: Instagram
Picture: Instagram 

November 17 is a date the Dawson's Creek star and wife Kimberly will never forget – the day of their 'brutal pregnancy loss'.

And to mark the one-year anniversary of the tragic event, the couple have called on their fans to give blood, revealing blood donations saved Kimberly's life.

Sharing a dark coloured square on Instagram, Kimberly wrote of losing their baby at 17 weeks, saying it took two hours just to stabalise her. A second pregnancy loss in June, also at 17 weeks, again required blood transfusions.

"My life was saved by blood donors and hospital staff. Tomorrow, Nov. 17th also marks the due date of a baby I met far too early as I had another miscarriage at 17 weeks along, June 14th," she said.

"Blood transfusions saved my life a second time. We are getting into the holidays and there's been a lot of distress in the world. If you're healthy and motivated, please consider donating blood tomorrow or sometime soon. Please share far and wide and let's fill those blood banks up for the holidays."

James also shared the post on his stories, captioning it 'Please consider donating blood, it saved (Kimberly's) life'.

In a recent Instagram Live video, Kimberly revealed they had named their two sons John and Zachariah.

James shared his own heartbreaking video, revealing how he struggled to break the news to the couple's five children; Olivia, 10, Joshua, eight, Annabel, six, Emilia, four and Gwendolyn, two. 


Saying  'when life cracks you open… let your loved ones in', he shared how each child reacted differently and how the pair encouraged them to be open with their feelings.

" …one bawled immediately, one had questions, one tried to make jokes, one tried to avoid by acting crazy. I feel like all you can do when explaining the unimaginable is be present with .them," he shared.

"And keep being present with them wherever they're at, for as long as they need. You can't process for them, you can't mitigate their pain, and you can't dictate their timeline. They all broke down at different times - and for different reasons."

The family has also recently relocated to Texas, a move they said was influenced by a shift in priorities following the pregnancy losses and the death of James's mum earlier this year.