Peaches and the parenting fails that befall us all

Peaches with baby Astala, in happier times. (Photo: Instagram)
Peaches with baby Astala, in happier times. (Photo: Instagram) 

You know the days you’re thankful not to be a celebrity? The days when you’re wearing Target trackies and juggling groceries and do something really stupid like forget to put the lock on your pram, sending it rolling down the street.  Yep. Been there.

English media personality Peaches Geldof experienced her own mummy fail yesterday, but in her case, the paparazzi were quick to record the event in high resolution. The Daily Mail posted pictures of her $900 Silver Cross pram hitting a pothole yesterday as she chatted on her mobile phone, sending four-month-old son Astala tumbling headfirst towards the footpath. Whoops.  

According to the perfect parent brigade, Peaches is a bad mother because her baby was not tightly strapped in to the pram and she did not throw her phone to the pavement and weep hysterically as soon as the pram went belly-up. From what we can tell from the photos, she scooped Astala up with one hand, then righted the pram and continued the conversation with the phone pressed between head and shoulder. Terrible parenting or the kind of skilfull multi-tasking parents do everyday?

It was a rare mummy mis-step for the former wild child, who seems to have devoted herself to motherhood after becoming pregnant at 22. She follows the practice of attachment parenting and eschews the help of nannies and assistants.

Peaches has fired back at The Daily Mail on Twitter, claiming that she was targeted unfairly by the tabloid as she wouldn’t release photos of her recent wedding to them. In a series of tweets today, she wrote:

 “What a classic that The Daily Mail just so happened to decide to print photos of Astala falling out of his pram (pram went into pothole) the day after my wedding purely because they're pissed off that the pervy paps they hired to HIDE IN THE BUSHES outside the church didn’t so as some sort of weird 'payback' conveniently print photos of poor Astala falling out and an accusatory story. For the record, he WAS strapped in, the weight of his body popped the buckle open as he fell. And he was totally fine, wasn't hurt AT ALL and didn't cry. Nice of the pap they hired to follow me that day (& every day) to help me out though. Of course he didn't, just stood smiling. The mail were on the phone to my PR all day trying to get info on my wedding & when they didn’t decided to print a rude story… My baby was and is fine, but I guess because I seem to be one of the only 'celebrities' who actually pushes their own baby in his pram instead of a nanny or assistant (I have neither) doing so, I deserve scorn if the pram, tumbles over a massive hole in the pavement. Yawn. Grow up. Thanks as ever to my followers for their kind & supportive comments. Nice to see not every1 is stupid enough to believe tabloid "news". X”

Essential Baby forum members also joined in the condemnation of Peaches’ parenting skills, but the majority were sympathetic. Many made their own confessions of accidental parenting failures. My favourites were:

  1. The mums who started folding up the pram, forgetting their babies were still inside (three people admitted to this)
  2. The parent who didn’t strap their sleeping baby in to a Bunnings baby capsule, baby fell on to a concrete floor (but miraculously survived!)  
  3. The mother who left her baby on a change table while using a public restroom – the baby rolled off, with mum’s foot the only thing stopping the baby’s head from hitting the ground
  4. The mum who was left holding her toddler as the baby rolled down the street, unbuckled, in a shopping trolley. All were unharmed.

So there you have it. You don’t need to be Britney Spears to take a tumble with a baby. It happens to the best of us and usually you learn pretty quickly that the ‘no stroller’ signs on escalators are there for a reason (don’t ask). Luckily, those little skulls are stronger than we think.