'Never feel ashamed': Mummy blogger Laura Mazza shares photo of messy car

Photo: Facebook / Laura Mazza
Photo: Facebook / Laura Mazza 

Parenting can be a tough gig.

Simply trying to keep our kids fed and happy, plus stay on top of appointments, lengthy to-do-lists and the daily work life/juggle can be a momentous challenge.

It's no wonder many of us are struggling under the physical and mental load - and it's no wonder many of us don't have time to worry about having a clean car. 

That's why we cheered (loudly) when parenting blogger Laura Mazza decided to post a candid snap of her messy car to Facebook

The mum-of-three, who is always refreshingly honest and outspoken (not to mention hilarious), wanted to highlight the 'reality of parenting' and support all mums who might be grappling with the false idea of being a 'perfect parent'. 

"To all my mammas with the trashed cars, full of crumbs, toys, spilled yoghurt and broken dreams...oh and a moth, I salute you," she wrote. 

"To all the soon to be mamas or future mamas who say they won't let their kids eat in their car when they're a parent, I was once you - good luck with that!"

So. True. I mean, aren't we all driving around in a bona fide trash can? 

Most mums commended Mazza for her honest approach.


"Omg you made me feel so much better. My car is a disgrace!," said one. 

"I have never met a parent of young children with a clean car. I'm CONVINCED the moment you become a parent crumbs automatically begin to appear in your back seat before you even leave the hospital with your first born. As the child progresses in age so does the size and shapes of crumbs."  

Another one commented: "Life is actually too short to worry about cleaning a car, I would rather spend time with my kids and clean it out while they are at school. Time with our kids is precious ❤️ xxxx"

Unfortunately, the post was also met with some rather negative comments, along the lines of: "That's disgusting, kids or not make to time to clean your car," and some even calling her out as a "bad mother."

"And these comments are from mothers - fantastic mothers, I'm not being sarcastic, they are doing their best (and really really believe it) so in the trenches of motherhood, that's amazing," Mazza relayed. "Also, I don't know them, so I won't assume they're bad. No they're not bad mothers, they're just horrible horrible people."

The 32-year-old, however, fought back and reiterated that parents should should stop judging one another and say no to mum shame. 

"Never feel ashamed, some of us care and some of don't, some of us have other battles and the car isn't that! None are better, we are all wonderful! Especially you. Say a big f--- you to that shame, I am!"

The author of The Mum on the Run says she is sick of "bullying, competitive judgemental b--es who will fall over each other to rip your every parenting decision to shreds." 

"Save your judgement and outrage for children being abused, instead of a mother who's car had some papers, a shoe and ice cream smeared on a seat," Mazza wrote in a separate Facebook post to call out the bullies. 

"YOU are the women I want to be around. YOU are the mothers I aspire to be. YOU are perfection. You are the village everyone needs."

"And don't let these other b---es ever make you feel shamed, not even once, because their opinion is as s-- and as fake as their laughs. I am with you and here FOR YOU."


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