Mum in profile: Miranda Kerr

Lunch date ... Kate Waterhouse and Miranda Kerr.
Lunch date ... Kate Waterhouse and Miranda Kerr. Photo: Marco Del Grande

Miranda Kerr has been in Australia for the past few weeks, working around the clock. She strutted her stuff for the David Jones fashion show, posed for duties as the Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy ambassador and represented the national Kids Helpline phone-counselling service. The picture-perfect Victoria's Secret model talked to Kate Waterhouse about life with her hubby, Orlando Bloom, in LA, her coming 30th-birthday bash and raising her two-year-old son, Flynn.

How do you juggle family life and work?
It's about planning. I basically have my schedule planned for the whole year. I work really hard but then I make sure I take out chunks of time that I can just be with Flynn and have that family time.

You don't always travel with Flynn?
I did before but the jet lag coming from America to Australia and then I'm working back-to-back every day, it's not in his best interests … he is in a nice routine in his playgroup and he has got his friends and to just uproot him for 10 days doesn't seem necessary.

Miranda and Flynn, 2, are often photographed at local parks in LA.
Miranda and Flynn, 2, are often photographed at local parks in LA. 

Do you have much help?
We have one nanny. She works five days a week, but she doesn't live with us. She does when we travel but she is based out of LA and she has a husband and her own family.

You have the perfect public image; is there a lot of pressure on you to maintain that?
It could appear that way but people don't see me behind closed doors. I like to have people over to our house and I'm very casual and relaxed but people don't see that side of me because obviously it's at my home.

Do you ever go out and party with the girls?
Yes, of course! My 30th birthday is coming up and I'm planning it right now. I love to dance and we often have people over.

You often see paparazzi shots of celebrities at nightclubs. Do you have to go out of your way to avoid those shots?
Orlando and I will go out randomly if we feel like a dance but it's not that we necessarily need that. We are both homebodies but when we are at home it's not like we are sitting at home doing nothing; we have fun no matter where we are.

What are your indulgences?
Depends what I feel like on the day. Could be french fries, could be dark-chocolate Lindt balls, might be potatoes with lots of gravy.

Do you always stick to your strict diet?
Not really, you have to enjoy life. I wouldn't necessarily eat, say, pasta because for me personally I feel sluggish after I eat it but if I go over to a friend's house and they are cooking pasta, I will eat and enjoy that pasta.


Do you or Orlando get upset by rumours that you're splitting?
No, you can only get upset with things if you allow it and I think I have a pretty strong mind. [Orlando] is more introverted than me; most of the time he doesn't even know about it so how can it upset him if he is not even aware of it?

What do you do for fun?
I put the music on and dance and I love to just literally lie down and watch the clouds go by with Flynn and just do nothing.

Will Flynn get a sibling?
Not yet. I get asked that question over and over and the other day I was like, "Why does everyone keep asking me that? As if I'm going to tell you!" I think I had just had a long day.

Do you ever snap?
I'm quite a transparent person; I say it as it is. I don't really lose it but I become quite blunt. I feel that it's necessary sometimes; it's better for me to be who I am rather than a "yes" person.

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