Megan Gale forced to defend date night without newborn

Megan Gale shortly after the birth of daughter Rosie.
Megan Gale shortly after the birth of daughter Rosie. Photo: Instagram/Megan Gale

Megan Gale and fiance Shaun Hampson managed to duck out for a quick baby-free dinner on the weekend.

"With about ten minutes to get ready, my man and I are out for a quick dinner date," Gale posted on Instagram along with a photo of herself and Hampson.

However it wasn't long before the famous mum, who gave birth to second baby Rosie on September 27, was forced to defend herself after a handful of critics suggested the couple should be at home with their children.

"For sure we have to devote the majority of our time to our kids," Gale wrote in an edit to the original post. She added that if a couple - or an individual - can manage to steal "an hour to two here and there", then it's a "win" for parents.


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River, 3, was with his Nanna and newborn baby Rosie was with her Nonna during the brief date night, Gale wrote.

"We had left Rosie with my very experienced and capable Mum after I had bathed, dressed, fed her and put her down."

The mother-of-two explained that she had also expressed enough breast-milk for two feeds "just in case". Rosie, she added, currently sleeps for 4 to 5 hours, giving the couple more than enough time for a quick dinner "three minutes from our house".

Reflecting on her time as a first-time mum to River, Gale shared that for the first six weeks with her little boy, she barely left the house "out of fear, out of guilt". "I lost a little part of myself," Gale wrote, adding that she feels she also developed a mild case of postnatal depression.


"If you've ensured your child is well looked after in your absence, then there is nothing wrong with some alone time as a couple or as an individual," Gale wrote. "You'll be happier people for it and more importantly, better parents."

Issuing a warning to the "ignorant and judgmental people" projecting negativing on her page Gale said, "it delights me to inform you that I block and delete instantly. No room for that crap here." 

Writing that her account is a place of "love and peace", Gale noted that the mean-spirited comments don't upset her, "they just make me smile and make you look nasty".

Gale's almost 400,000 followers rallied behind her, many utterly dismayed that she felt she had to edit her post to defend herself.

"Ignore the negatives," wrote one mum. "You don't have to justify yourself to anyone ... I took every offer to have time out when mine were babies - sometimes an hour or two to breathe felt like a weeks' holiday."

Some commenters called out the double-standards mums continue to face, compared to fathers. 

"No one bats an eye when dads go out within days of bub's arrival for wet the heads etc. Yet mums leave a baby and they are the worst parents in the world!" one mum wrote. "Good on you two for having some alone time. I hope you get to do that regularly. Forget the haters."

Another woman noted that motherhood was not a competition. "There isn't a right or wrong way when you come home with a newborn; it really depends on the journey that starts for each individual family & no one knows what that will be like until you are living it."


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