Mary Coustas shows off miracle daughter Jamie

Delighted: Mary Coustas, husband George Betsis and baby girl Jamie at home.
Delighted: Mary Coustas, husband George Betsis and baby girl Jamie at home. Photo: 60 Minutes

After 20 IVF attempts, much-loved comedian Mary Coustas and husband George Betsis are finally showing off their healthy three-month girl Jamie.

The couple reveal how after their first daughter Stevie did not survive birth, they kept on trying to conceive. They returned to their fertility clinic in Greece for six more IVF treatments.

And just as they were about to give up the parenthood dream, their luck changed.

"We didn't assume we would get the happy ending," Coustas, 49, reveals in Sunday's interview on 60 Minutes. "Many people don't, and we were looking like we weren't going to get it. I still did six other attempts after Stevie to get Jamie.

"That's a lot, that's more than most people do to get one child the first time they do IVF.

"And yet I'm sure I've done over 20 IVFs. I don't even dare to find out the amount."

Asked how they kept persevering, Betsis said: "I think experiences like this, you discover your limits and you test your limits, and we didn't want to have any regrets later to say we didn't fully exhaust every ounce of our energy and being to get there."

The comedian shared her brave story of her heartbreaking battle to become a mother on 60 Minutes in August.

It seemed unbelievable that despite the wisecracks and jokes on-stage as her beloved character, Effie, Coustas was hiding so much devastation underneath.


Hers was a raw battle that touched those who saw the story or read her book, All I know: A Memoir of Love, Loss and Life.

It told of her pain at losing her daughter after a 10-year quest, during which she endured many IVF treatments, miscarriages and a pregnancy with triplets, only to face selective reduction and then give birth to a stillborn daughter.

The couple also tell of their bitter custody battle over George's son Tom, who lives in the US with his mother.

When Coustas announced the birth of Jamie on Facebook, she posted: "We're so very happy to announce the arrival of our much-anticipated baby girl Jamie Betsis. Baby & Mother are in exceptional health, father still doing cartwheels."