Mary Coustas a mum at 49

"We're so very happy" ... Mary Coustas
"We're so very happy" ... Mary Coustas 

After years of heartache as she tried for a baby, Mary Coustas has welcomed a baby girl.

The actress posted a message about her new arrival on Thursday afternoon, writing, “We're so very happy to announce the arrival of our much anticipated baby girl Jamie Betsis.

"Baby & Mother are in exceptional health, father still doing cartwheels.”

She stated that more details will come in the following weeks.

The 49-year-old opened up about her previous fertility issues in her book All I Know: A Memoir of LoveLoss and Life, released earlier this year.

In an extract shared on Essential Baby, in an article titled 'The children I've never known', Coustas detailed her inability to to have children naturally, and the fact that she and husband George had turned to IVF.

She wrote about learning she was expecting triplets and then having to reduce the pregnancy to a single baby. Sadly, the pregnancy ended with the stillbirth of her daughter Stevie at 22 weeks. 

The story touched people all around Australia, with Coustas telling the Sun Herald that "it was one of the biggest responses [Good Weekend has] had, and I've received emails from people I may have met once and people from my past and George's old colleagues have written and rung and been crying".


Despite her years of heartbreak as she tried to become a mum, Coustas never gave up on her dream of having a baby. 

And in an interview with 60 Minutes in August, the comedian revealed that she was pregnant again.

“I want stretch marks, I want sore nipples, I want all the things everyone else complains about. I would like to join that club and it looks like I will,” she said at the time.