Lisa Curry trying for a baby at 51

Curry and Walkenhorst revealed their decision in <i>New Idea</i>, on sale now.
Curry and Walkenhorst revealed their decision in New Idea, on sale now. 

Lisa Curry may be 51 years old, but she’s not letting that get in the way of trying for a baby.

The former Olympic athlete has revealed to New Idea that she and her partner of three years, 31-year-old Joel Walkenhorst, have been talking about having a child together since they met – and now they’ve decided to take the plunge and try IVF.

"This is the single most important decision I will ever make," she told the magazine.

"We've been talking on and off about the possibility of having a baby for a couple of years, and it has come to the point where it's now or never.”

Despite doctors estimating that Curry has less than a 10 per cent chance of falling pregnant, she remains upbeat about the process.

"We made the appointment to see the IVF doctor, had the tests and talked about our options.

"If there were none, we'd have walked away. But even a small chance is chance."

"Now that we've found out it may be possible, all we can do is try. If it's meant to happen, it will."

Curry is already a mum to Jaimi, 25, Morgan, 22, and Jett, 18, who she had with ex-husband Grant Kenny.   


It will be Walkenhorst’s first child.

The news comes months after Grant Kenny was rumoured to be the father of radio host Fifi Box’s baby, Beatrix, who was born on April 5.

At the time, Curry was philosophical about her ex-husband’s impending fatherhood.

"You can choose to be angry, upset and sad or you can choose to be happy," she said on TV’s A Current Affair.

"You have a choice in life every single day. I think you just have to have an attitude of gratitude, and to love what we are doing and love where we are."