'Keeping busy': Serena Williams and her daughter are twinning as Belle

Serena Williams/Instagram
Serena Williams/Instagram  

It's not easy keeping kids occupied when you're stuck inside, but tennis superstar and mum Serena Williams is nailing quarantine.

Williams shared an adorable video of herself, dancing with her two-year-old daughter, Alexis. The pair are clad in matching yellow gowns - the iconic dress from Beauty and The Beast.

'Keeping busy," she wrote.

And everyone wants to know WHERE DID YOU GET THE ADULT-SIZED GOWN.


Keeping busy

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Sister Venus Williams' comment won the day, however.

"I love her but why is the mom wearing a princess dress," she quipped.

In case you're not jealous enough, it's not the only princess dress the pair own.


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Williams recently told PEOPLE that she was relishing the time at home with her little girl, whom she shares with husband Alexis Ohanan.

"I kinda love being a full-time mom and not having the responsibilities to travel and play but now that I'm training again, it's become a lot," she said. ""I love to spend so much time with her, but it's interesting. She's in every single call that I have, every single meeting. I feel like she's getting a little bit of it so she's going to be a really good businesswoman when this is all over."

So what's the key to making sure the work gets done but there's still time for swirling in golden gowns?

"The advice I can only give is to really be scheduled on your days," WIlliams told PEOPLE. "I have really tight schedules and I make sure to try to do as much as I can on time.

"Also, like, include your kids!" she said. "They are the voice of the future. I like to think of it as we're living a future history lesson and that's very rare."


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