The baby secret Ruby Keddie is keeping from her AFL star husband Callan Ward

Ruby Keddie is due to give birth this week.
Ruby Keddie is due to give birth this week.  Photo: Instagram and Getty Images

In the age of pink or blue cake cutting and balloon popping gender reveal parties, it's unusual for mums-to-be to stay quiet about whether they are expecting a boy or a girl. 

But for AFL WAG and fashion designer Ruby Keddie, 28, it's been a harder secret to keep than most.

The former IMG talent agent, who is due to give birth this week, has not just kept the gender of her first baby a secret from family, friends and fans - but also from her husband, GWS Giants captain Callan Ward.

Ward, 29, is adamant he wants to be surprised on the big day, and it's been a major mission to keep it that way.

"So far I think I've kept it from him. If I make it to the full 40 weeks I'll be impressed with myself!" Keddie says.

The designer, whose fashion label Bykane is in its second year, laughs she almost ruined the surprised over Christmas when she slipped up to Ward's twin sister.

"They're very very close, they were inseparable growing up, they even finish each other's sentences, but she knows how much it means to him [to keep it a secret] so she has her lips sealed too."

Keddie has even refrained from painting the nursery, which would indicate colour - and gender - is in lockdown.

"I've taped up the wardrobes and the chest of drawers and everything is white in the nursery - although there is one neutral cloud feature wall, which could go either way," she says.


TBT to Baby Wards first (of many I’m sure) party with some of our favourites 💛

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Obviously, the high school sweet hearts did not a have a gender reveal party but that hasn't stopped them celebrating with family and friends.

"We actually kept our pregnancy a secret for five months to enjoy the moment to ourselves and the idea of being parents for as longs we could, so we didn't do a big gender reveal either," she says.

"We went back to Melbourne for Christmas and hosted a big baby shower in Yarra for 70 friends and family – and it was all gender neutral for Baby Ward with lemon and white balloons and flowers."

As for baby names, they're also top secret.

"It's funny I've chosen my two, but I can't let Callan know. I'll give him my favourite on the day and let him choose," Keddie says. 

"He's really excited for the surprise – he won't go near the laundry without asking permission as he doesn't want to accidentally see a blue or pink sock or anything . He's being very cautious.

"He's the one trying to keep it from himself. I've told my mum and that's it and she' been helping me."

The pair, who will eventually move back to Melbourne, love life in Sydney and hope to expand their brood here.

They wed in an opulent ceremony at the $50 million Elizabeth Bay harbourside mansion, Tresco, with an ultra-lavish reception at The Royal Botanic Gardens followed by a recovery at Ravesi's in Bondi a year ago.

"We married in Sydney, we are having our first baby in Sydney and while we will eventually move back to our family and friends in Melbourne we are obsessed with this slice of our life," Keddie says.

"I always say I wish my family and friends were from Sydney, but unfortunately they're not!"



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Keddie, who is famous for her stunning Brownlow red carpet looks says she hopes her fashion range will continue to flourish post birth with plans for international expansion.

"I think I'm pretty lucky I can do a lot of my work from home – Callan's hours will allow me to work during the evening and afternoons and I'll look after the baby while he it at training," she says.

With some of Australia's most well-known influencers, including Nicole Trunfio, Laura Henshaw and Samantha Jade, spotted wearing Bykane – which is available in select stores across Australia, on their website as well as through

The Iconic - Keddie says she's happy to start small to grow her business.


What a privilege it was to captain this amazing football club for 8 years. I couldn’t have done it without @phildavis1 - thank you so much for everything you have done for me. We have grown and developed together and managed to try our best to steer this club in the right direction, while trying to create a culture we believe is the best one to be a part of going forward. Thank you to my amazing family, my beautiful wife Ruby, my mates, the AFL and GIANTS fans, the @gwsgiants football club, coaches, the entire board, all staff and everybody else who have helped shape me into the player, leader and person I am today. I couldn’t be happier for my great mate @stephenconiglio to take the reins. You deserve it mate and I can’t wait to continue to learn from you, and to play under you! GO GIANTS

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Meanwhile Ward is studying building and construction management for his post-footy career, but has always had aspirations to be a firefighter.

"He'll probably always dream he wants to be a firefighter – that's also on the cards – so we'll see where the winds take us on that," Keddie says.