Just bee-autiful! Star of viral photo shoot celebrates new baby after loss

The image that started it all in 2017. Photo: Kendrah Damis Photography
The image that started it all in 2017. Photo: Kendrah Damis Photography 

Just over a year ago Emily Mueller became a viral internet sensation after posing heavily pregnant covered in bees. The professional beekeeper and all-round animal enthusiast was captured bee-autifully by Kendrah Damis, with the images shared all over the globe.

Tragically, the baby boy she was carrying, Emersyn Jacob, was stillborn on November 11, 2017 due to a bloodclotting complication. There was an outpouring of sympathy for the heartbroken family, who have spent the last 11 months coming to terms with their loss.

It goes without saying that the same supporters are now rejoicing in Emily's new pregnancy, which she has celebrated in a brand new photo shoot with Kendrah.

Emily is shown as Cleopatra with a headdress of 16,000 bees. The queen was placed on her head and the worker bees followed, enveloping Emily, who was wearing a latex hair cover. 


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This shoot didn't come without its challenges, despite Emily being well-accustomed to handling bees.

"I got stung in the eye yesterday," she recounted, "... and usually I don't swell very much, however, because I was posing for the egyptian shoot, I had to leave the stinger in to hold still for the pictures."

She said that once she had the bees removed from her head, her eye began to swell due to the stinger being left in so long. She employed some remedies so she was good to go for the next photo shoot the following day, this time with a reptilian flavour.

Along with the one of the images, Kendrah published a quote from Emily about the idea behind the shoot.
"Creating life is one of the most extraordinary abilities of a woman's body. Last year I learned the fragility of human life after losing our precious son very unexpectedly. Blessed with the opportunity to create life once more, I wanted to depict the feelings I have of that incredible ability. Recreating a symbolic form of the woman's body being as beautiful as a goddess, we were able to put my true feelings of this amazing gift into my recent maternity pictures."