Joshua Jackson opens up about fatherhood and why he's living in his childhood home: 'Where everything felt simple'

Picture: Instagram
Picture: Instagram 

There's nothing like having children to bring your own childhood into focus.

But there's no need for Joshua Jackson to have to rely on memory, as the Dr Death star recently bought and moved his own family into his childhood home. Even setting his daughter up in his own old bedroom. 

The home, in Topanga, California where he lived until he was eight, holds mixed emotions for the 43-year-old, as he told online magazine Mr. Porter, but served as an important pillar of stability. 

"My father, unfortunately, was not a good father or a husband and exited the scene, but that house in Topanga was where everything felt simple," the shared.

"There was a mural of a dragon on the wall in that room that I couldn't believe was still there, years later. The owner said, 'I knew it meant a lot to somebody and that they were going to come back for it some day'."

The Dawson's Creek alumnus and wife Jodie Turner-Smith, 34, welcomed their daughter Janie 15-months-ago, and are choosing to keep their life private. But Jackson did share how he'd taken to fatherhood

"There are plenty of things left for me to do, but now the thing that gets me excited is experiencing the world through my daughter's eyes," he continued, listing all the adventures he hopes to share with the tot, who he described as a 'character'. 

As the actor told US Weekly earlier this month, the experience of becoming a father had changed his perspective, including in his professional life.


"A whole new world of things has just opened up to me in experiencing fatherhood and this magical, joyful, chaotic, stressful anxiety-inducing love that you did not know you had the capacity for," he said. 

"It just expands every single actor's life informs everything they do … and the choices."

But as he told Mr. Porter, no gig was worth missing out on those first few months. 

"I now recognise how perverse the way that we have set up our society is," he said. "There is not a father I know who works a regular job who didn't go back to the office a week later. It's robbing that man of the opportunity to bond with his child and spend time with his partner."

In a moving tribute to Turner-Smith posted to his Instagram to mark Mother's Day, Jackson praised her as a 'powerful being'.

"Thank you for making me a father. For trusting me enough to embark on this journey together. I am humbled more and more every day by that. I love you. I love seeing you enter the pantheon of mothers. And I look forward to walking this path by your side as we nurture this little engine of joy you have blessed the world with," he wrote.