Jesinta Franklin reveals her 'no nappy rash' secret

Photo: Instagram/ Jesinta Franklin
Photo: Instagram/ Jesinta Franklin 

She recently shared that motherhood was the "most beautiful gift" and now model and new mama Jesinta Franklin is sharing her mummy must-haves.

In an Instagram story, Franklin, who welcomed baby Tullulah with husband Buddy Franklin in February, explained that she's turned to cloth nappies - and is loving them.

"Zero nappy rash in my personal experience," Franklin wrote. "Better for the environment. And these will last her until she's 2.5 years old."

The nappies, made by Be Bliss Baby, are even personalised with Tullulah's name. 

"Of course there are times when I have and will used disposable nappies but if I can reduce the 1.7 tonne of waste one child usually creates by wearing disposables all the time, then I feel like I'm doing better by mother earth."


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While Franklin cites the environment as her motivation for going with cloth nappies, the coronavirus pandemic has seen other parents around the world also making the switch. Shortages of disposable nappies, and not wanting to leave the house for supermarket shopping have lead to a surge in interest.


Be Bliss Baby told Essential Baby that for their business, the early days of COVID-19 "was a similar rush to the toilet paper craze!"

It goes to show when people panic they can easily do the switch back to cloth. And hopefully now they stay converted and continue to spread the word on how easy MCNs are!"


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