Jason Derulo's hilarious video tells how he takes his baby boy everywhere

Photo Instagram Jason Derulo
Photo Instagram Jason Derulo 

New dad Jason Derulo just can't stand to be away from his baby boy, so he just takes him everywhere. 

The singer shared a video to his Instagram page showing all of the places he takes his four-month-old son. It seems no matter what he is doing, Jason King is by his side. 

In the video, Derulo has little Jason snuggled into his chest sitting in a baby carrier, as he does regular day to day activities and attends to work commitments. 

He is seen working out in the gym, doing the grocery shopping, recording in the studio and even playing a game of ping pong. During it all, baby Jason stays nice and secure, and by his side. 

The singer captioned the video "I take Lil Jason with me everywhere", alongside a crown emoji representing his middle name King.

Derulo and his partner Jena Frumes, welcomed their first child into the world just a few months ago. 

Jason has previously revealed that the day he was born was, "The happiest day of my life". 

Since then, the couple have shared numerous videos and photos with their son, though his face hasn't featured in any of them for privacy reasons. 

On his first Father's Day, Derulo uploaded a video of the family of three celebrating with a big balloon set up that read "We love you daddy". 

In another video, he is seen holding his son and dancing along to his new song 'Jelebi Baby' in an attempt to calm his crying