'I've got a problem': Erin Molan worried about daughter's new favourite word

Photos: Instagram
Photos: Instagram 

Like all parents, Erin Molan loves hearing her daughter's vocabulary blossom. But, as the Channel Nine sports presenter and 2GB radio host explained to Essential Baby, sometimes a toddler's new words can lead to some slightly awkward situations.   

Last Christmas Molan found herself saying "ho, ho, ho" to her daughter every time she saw Santa Claus out and about or in a book - and it seems young Eliza was paying close attention. Only problem is the almost two-year-old now associates the word "ho" not so much with Santa himself, but with any warm winter hat that looks similar to the one the big guy in red wears.

Molan realised this when Eliza named a new teddy bear, wearing a beanie hat, Ho. "We couldn't believe that she was saying that! It was incredible," Molan told Essential Baby. "She is so funny." 

While the new bear's name might not be too much of an issue, Molan took to Instagram to explain her bigger concern about her daughter's "ho" hat obsession. 

Naturally Eliza, who turns two next month, isn't fully aware of what the other implications of that word may be, causing awkward interactions for Molan as she walks down the street and welcomes visitors.

"I've got a problem," Molan wrote on Instagram, alongside a photo of the adorable Ho bear himself. "Whenever we are out and she sees anyone in a beanie she points and screams 'Ho' at them, See where this becomes problematic?"


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Left with no other avenue, Molan desperately sought some advice on how to get her little one to stop using her new favourite word.

"Anyone experienced in the psychology of this? Can I hypnotise her?" she wrote."Winter is fast approaching and there's going to be a lot more beanies out in public and things could get ugly... #help"


Molan told Essential Baby that while she was surprised by her daughter's new word association, it does make sense as there have been other, even more embarrassing, times she has learnt new words from listening to mum.

"She emulates everything we do, and we have to be careful with what we say, we're very careful with swear words at home," Molan said. 

"Her new obsession is singing 'Let It Go' from Frozen, she sings the whole thing, and one day I stubbed my toe on a dumbbell and yelled out the f-word. I'm usually really good around her, but I've got a mouth like a sailor sometimes.

"So I went to pick her up at preschool one day, and they told me that she had chosen to sing a rendition of 'Let It Go', where at the end she finished off with a nice long 'f***k!'"

"Honestly, they thought it was hilarious."