'It's homophobic': Whitney Port slams mum shamers who criticised her son's long hair

Photo: Whitney Port / Instagram
Photo: Whitney Port / Instagram 

Reality TV star Whitney Port has hit back at the trolls who criticised her two-year-old son Sonny's long hair, saying the online behaviour is "homophobic."

Explaining that she and husband Tim Rosenman think Sonny has "beautiful hair," she recounted how she had recently been the target of 'mum-shaming' about Sonny's mane on social media.

Port, 34, posted a YouTube video titled, "I Love My Toddler, But Let's Talk About His Hair," where she talks out about how important it is for Sonny to be true to himself.

She begins the video saying, "Welcome to I love my toddler but he can look however he wants," then explains, "Sonny has always had great hair. He was born with hair, lots of it. When I was like eight months pregnant the ultrasound technician was like you better get a comb ready, because this baby has a lot of hair."

The video then features a sweet 'hair montage' as well as a clip of her grinning son as he drew parallels between his looks, and his mum's, to Elsa from Frozen.

"I put a picture up of Sonny on my Instagram, as I usually do and someone commented: 'He looks like a she, Whitney. I get the whole not wanting to depict their gender but jesus, this is the third pic of him today that if I didn't know he was a son I'd most def think he was a girl," the fan wrote.

Port said, "... there's so much wrong in there."


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She continued, "First off, what is a he supposed to look like and what is a she supposed to look like? There isn't any supposed to look like anything. Whoever said that because boys have long hair that makes them less of a boy, I just don't understand that."

Port added that people like this are, "really just showing their true colours."

"It's homophobic," said husband Tim, who was filming the video.

Whitney agreed, adding, "Yeah, it's homophobic and this felt like something I needed to respond to because I'm not cool with that."

"It's one thing if people think I complain a lot or they're saying something negative about me, but to be homophobic and let that live on my feed, I needed to respond back."


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"We are going to dress Sonny for as long as that's what we have to do. As soon as Sonny tells us he wants to wear something or has an opinion, Whatever he wants, how you dress is an expression of you and your personality and no one should tell you that there's one way to do that," Port continued.

Tim then added, "If he wants to wear a dress, he can wear a f*&*ing dress."

"We are not pushing him towards heterosexuality or homosexuality. He will just be whatever he is born to be and we're here to support that. Not push him in one direction or another," he said.

"It is frustrating to think that Sonny will be in a world where these people exist and they have these antiquated opinions, but I think it's our job to have these kinds of conversations with him," said Port.


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