'It's been a difficult time': Ronan Keating disappointed his family has not been able to meet newborn daughter

Photos: Instagram
Photos: Instagram 

Singer Ronan Keating has spoken about his sadness over not being able to introduce his new baby to his family because of coronavirus lockdown restrictions.

Speaking to OK magazine and Good Morning Britain, Ronan Keating told how his wife Storm gave birth to their second child Coco in March, just days before UK went into lockdown. They also have another child Cooper, three.

He said it had been difficult because she hadn't been able to meet his family, especially his three children, Jack, Missy and Ali, from a previous relationship. 

"The hardest thing is not being able to introduce her and share her arrival with the rest of the family," Keating said.

"None of Coco's brothers or sisters could be there unfortunately, but I was there, it was different because of the circumstances we're in, but it was very special.

"The older kids are in Ireland, they were over there during lockdown began so they haven't been able to travel over, but please God, as things start to settle now, they'll get over soon and see their newborn baby sister."

There was one family member who did make it in time though.

"Luckily, Storm's mum was here minding Cooper at the house," he said.


"She got in before lockdown from Australia, which was great, thank God for that."

When asked about Coco he said she was doing great.

"It has been a difficult time for everyone but as a family we've tried to focus on the positives," he said.

"For me to be at home for first few months with Coco and watch her develop and be a part of it all has been very special.

"Coco's flying, I shouldn't be saying this, but she just slept for 10 hours, so she's doing great."

Meanwhile, Cooper's embraced being a big brother to his new sister.

"When she wakes in the morning and when you hear her on the monitor, he goes 'don't worry Coco I'm coming' and he goes running up the stairs and he's giving her kisses and it's adorable. It's beautiful.

The former Boyzone star said it had been hard to explain to his young son their new lockdown reality.

"It's very difficult. We go for a walk in the common not far from us and Coopers a really friendly child and he loves other kids and he'll run over and say 'hi, hi' to these kids and it's very difficult to try and explain 'woah son, no, no no, come, here, come here, come here, you can't go over there, no you can't'. I mean how do you say that to a three-year-old?" he said.

"I don't know how we ever explain these things, but please God, we're coming through it and together we're getting through it and everyone's being clever and wise about it and we're nearly at the end."