I'm no supermum: Chrissy Teigen reveals the secret to juggling work and kids

Photo: Instagram/ChrissyTeigen
Photo: Instagram/ChrissyTeigen 

If you're currently deep in the work/parenthood juggle then you'll know what it feels like to be stretched beyond capacity. Between drops-offs and sick kids, too much caffeine and trying to keep on top of emails, it's little wonder so many of us are struggling to stay afloat

That's why Chrissy Teigen's very honest response to a fan who asked the mother-of-two, how she balanced working while pregnant, heading to work soon after birth and being away from her babies, has women cheering.

Rather than the standard celeb response about practicing gratitude, doing yoga, drinking the tears of angels and getting up at 5am to DO ALL THE THINGS, Teigen, mum to Luna, 3, and Miles, 15 months, admitted that the only reason she copes is because she has help.

And a whole lot of it.

​"Girl, I have HELP and a half," she tweeted. "That's it. There is no way I could have done it without it.I'm so lucky to have it and I don't know how anyone else does it."

Teigen added that she was also fortunate to have an "amazing" daycare room on set while filming "Bring the Funny."

Her honesty has been applauded with many mums praising the 33-year-old for being open about exactly what it takes.


"As a single mom who works a 9-5, rushes home to my boy and works my second job after he sleeps - your words were needed. Especially just now. I felt so defeated today. Thank you," one mum wrote.

"I love so much about this," said another. "Thank you for not trying to pretend like you didn't need help!"

"Thank you so much for representing the postpartum period so faithfully and so honestly. You are truly changing the world!" one commenter added.

"Acknowledging your financial privilege," said another. "Thank you! So many celebs make it sound like they do it all when we know they don't."

Dr Nicole Highet from the Centre of Perinatal Excellence (COPE) says Teigen's comments reinforce that it truly takes a village to raise a child. "It's refreshing to see celebrities being honest about the support they have - and can afford! - rather than presenting an unrealistic image of doing it all," she notes.

"Parenthood is hard," Dr Highet adds "and with the juggle of trying to keep the home fires burning whilst retaining your sense of self and your career is no mean feat. 

"Sometimes parents feel like they are 'winging it' as they try to keep all balls in the air.  At the end of the day this is normal in the context of competing priorities, competing demands and the juggle of parenthood and work."


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