'I cried': Serena Williams on missing her daughter's first steps

'I cried': Serena Williams shares that she misses her baby's first steps
'I cried': Serena Williams shares that she misses her baby's first steps Photo: Instagram

Tennis superstar Serena Williams has shared her sadness about missing a key milestone in her baby's life - the moment Olympia started walking.

"She took her first steps ... I was training and missed it." Williams wrote in a tweet to her 11 million followers.

"I cried."

Reassuring the first-time mama that she's not the only one who's wrestled with working mum guilt over missed milestones, the 36-year-old's fans were quick to respond with their own stories of the moments they didn't see.

Reporter, Alison Bender, watched her baby's first steps on video, while at the World Cup in Russia.

Jane Swift heard her daughter's first steps while in a meeting room:


And Robin Brown's son took his first steps at daycare:

Others shared heart-warming messages of support - including Chrissy Teigen. (Warning: you'll need tissues for these.)

Williams, who beat French tennis player Kristina Mladenovic on Friday, recently shared the emotional moment she took Olympia to centre court.

"I got a little emotional when I started telling her about a girl who had a big dream. It was really special for me. And I wanted it to be special for her too," the proud mum said during a press conference last week.

Williams also opened up about why she chose to wean Olympia after six months of breastfeeding, explaining that she simply wasn't losing the baby weight as she ramped up her training in preparation for her return to the court.

"All over pop culture you hear that when you breastfeed you lose weight and you're so thin. It wasn't happening for me." Williams said. "Every person is different, every physical body is different.For my body, it didn't work, no matter how much I worked out, no matter how much I did, it didn't work for me."