Fifi Box gives birth to baby girl named by daughter Trixie

Fifi Box has welcomed her second baby, Daisy Belle.
Fifi Box has welcomed her second baby, Daisy Belle. Photo: Instagram/Fifi Box

Radio broadcaster and TV presenter Fifi Box has given birth to her second baby, a girl named Daisy Belle.

Box, 42, shared the news in a post to Instagram on Wednesday morning.

"Welcome to the world our beautiful little sweetheart Daisy Belle Box," she wrote. "And just like that our perfect little family became a whole lot 'perfecter'. Trixie and I are so hopelessly in love with Daisy, we can't wait to build our future with her, I am the luckiest mumma to be blessed with these two precious angels."

In a phone call, the emotional mum told her Fox FM colleagues, Brendan Fevola, Byron Cooke and Yvie Jones that Daisy was "absolute heaven" - and made quite the entrance.

"She came out of my stomach literally screaming — she cried before she even came out," Box laughed. "She's got this thick thatch of hair … she's such a little angel."

Big sister, six-year-old Trixie, is also besotted.

"[Daisy] came into the world yesterday morning at about 8:30am, and I didn't get to hold her again until about midday. Trixie held her for four hours and wouldn't let her go."

And she also had naming rights. 

"I never had a say in the name," Box said. "Daisy was on my list, but Trixie decided when she found out I was going to have a baby that it'd be called Daisy. I just let it go — then I realised that for seven months she's been calling her little sister Daisy, and there's no going back then.


"She's named her little sister, which is really special."

Box announced her pregnancy in February, sharing that she and Trixie were "over the moon/jumping out of our skin/can't stop smiling/floating on air/dancing in the streets/walking on sunshine."

"How did this happen you might ask?" she continued. "Well, a few years ago I made an appointment to see an IVF specialist, the amazing Dr Sameer Jatkar at Monash IVF, and I began an IVF journey to extend our little family. After a series of egg retrievals and freezing, last year I started the process to become pregnant via an anonymous donor."

At the time, Box admitted that she was one of the "lucky ones".

"I am still pinching myself that I have been this blessed and that this little miracle is growing within me, a much wanted and longed for sibling for a very excited big sister! I know the value of this miracle because I have seen first hand the heartbreak, tears and sacrifices so many women and couples suffer on their IVF journeys and my heart goes out to those who are facing that pain and struggle."


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Box also shared her experience with hyperemesis gravidarum, noting that the condition had made her longed-for pregnancy an "incredibly tough journey".

"I've been happy to hide away and keep it to myself but now that I can see the finish line in sight, I feel it might be of some benefit to other sufferers to discuss it so no one else feels alone," she wrote. "This is the reality of how I have looked every day for 9 months, debilitated by nausea, bedridden and at times hospitalised."

Describing it as "terribly isolating", Box added, "I have felt poisoned every second of this pregnancy. It's like having gastro every minute, every hour of every day for nine months."

Sharing that HG had been the greatest mental and physical challenge of her life, she continued, "the only way through it is my daughter's smiling face every day, the support of incredible friends and family and knowing that each day I'm getting closer to this much wanted, longed-for baby angel.

"So for any other sufferers out there I hear you, I feel you and I know what you're going through."


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