'Every day is a struggle for me': the Jessica Simpson interview

First post-baby interview ... Jessica Simpson on <i>Katie</i>.
First post-baby interview ... Jessica Simpson on Katie

Singer Jessica Simpson was the target of endless headlines about her pregnancy weight gain while expecting daughter Maxwell Drew. Since then, she has signed a $4 million contract with Weight Watchers to lose 50 pounds (23kg) and become a brand ambassador for the company.

Today she appeared on Katie Couric's TV program, Katie, to talk about her progress - you can watch the video below.

Jessica Simpson's daughter Maxwell Drew.
Jessica Simpson's daughter Maxwell Drew. 

During the segment, Jessica revealed that she is still breast feeding four-month-old Maxwell, and said that sugar cravings had been an obstacle in her weight loss.

"I feel like what made me eat more is my hormones and breastfeeding," she confided in Couric.

There is a lot of pressure to lose weight. But I want to be healthy for my daughter

"I’ve never wanted chocolate more in my life. I’ve had to really stay focused and focus on my diet and concentrate on what I’m putting in my body."

The 32-year-old said she was originally surprised that the weight she'd put on in pregnancy didn't leave her after the birth, saying, "I thought my doctors were telling me that it was just a lot of water and whenever my water broke my whole entire stomach would go down, but that did not happen. All the weight did not come out with the baby."

She also spoke about the stress she feels over the constant media scrutiny about her weight.

"I've been pregnant for three years," she joked. "I definitely don't Google my name. 


"I try to avoid it completely. But I still subconsciously know that the talk is going on so I think that every day that is a struggle for me.

"I understand that it sells magazines and stuff, but I wish I could get a cut," she said.

The singer, who also said she and fiance Eric Jonhnson have yet to set a wedding date, added: "There is a lot of pressure to lose weight. But I want to be healthy for my daughter."

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